A case study on tsunami in

case study of tsunami in south india

When an operational plan was developed with allocated roles, responsibilities and resources, the scope of the operation became manageable.

Throughout this province, most of the fishing villages and their associated ecological environment were completely destroyed; many cultural landmarks suffered partial or total destruction.

The narrow inlet amplified the size and intensity of the wave, and when it struck the two towns it had a height of 2.

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The second most impacted area in Thailand was the island of Phi Phi, which is located in Krabi province, 80 km east of the southern tip of Phuket Figure 5 ; Seismic inversion and GPS records further indicate that fault slip was not homogeneous along the ruptured area varying between 15 and 25 m, with a gradual decrease northward from the epicenter [ Vigny et al.

Kenyon teams provided specialist advice on chemical use and personal protective equipment for the response operation. Once these objectives are reached, we will use our validated synoptic predictions of tsunami impact in Thailand to globally analyze the event, including in areas where no observations were made.

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Three hours after the quake, a 1.

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Indian Ocean Tsunami