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Discussion and Analysis As it has been previously mentioned in the present work, How to be both comprises two discrete narratives that can be read in either order and, in fact, are published in that way- half the printed books begin with one story, and the other half with the other.

Etxebarria claimed that she admired him and applied intertextuality. Steinbeck makes this allusion abundantly clear, as proven by the excerpt above. The fourth type of transtextuality is hypertextuality.

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Regarding adaptation - taking a part of something ideas, notion of a work and using it for making another thing — the author, for instance, took a real-life figure to create her own fictional character Francesco del Cossa. Here Wordsworth uses metaphor to compare the sunshine to the love of God. Whereas a redaction critic would use such intertextuality to argue for a particular order and process of the authorship of the books in question, literary criticism takes a synchronic view that deals with the texts in their final form, as an interconnected body of literature. However, the reading of this hypotext is not necessary to the understanding of the hypertext. Byatt on Redeploying Sentences in New Contexts "Postmodernist ideas about intertextuality and quotation have complicated the simplistic ideas about plagiarism which were in Destry-Schole's day. Rowling also borrowed from other sources, such as from J. The Australian media scholar John Fiske has made a distinction between what he labels 'vertical' and 'horizontal' intertextuality. That metaphor is from mosaic-making. Along these lines, architextuality can also be explored as it relates to the designation of a text as part of a genre which includes the thematic and figurative expectations about the text. His admirable ambition was to produce a number of pages which coincided—word for word and line for line—with those of Miguel de Cervantes. Plagiarism[ edit ] "Intertextuality is an area of considerable ethical complexity". Such a history has been given a name: intertextuality. Steinbeck both references the story directly, and also reworks the story through his contemporary characters of Cal and Aron. Related Papers. The idea of intertextuality, a concept originated by French semiotician Julia Kristeva in the late s, a period of transition in which structuralism was being debated to finally lead to the emergence of what has been called post structuralism Allen,

The fifth type of transtextuality is architextuality, which relates to the designation of a text as part of a genre or genres. Nor, surely, need one have to say that his goal was never a mechanical transcription of the original; he had no intention of copying it.

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The paratext is thus the sum of the peritext and the epitext. Even though two people are looking at the same fresco, they can be paying closer attention to different parts of it, and in that way, looking at different layers. Plagiarism[ edit ] "Intertextuality is an area of considerable ethical complexity". Its aim is to shed some light on the intertextual structure chosen by the author in the creation of her novel and on the intertextual elements present in the narrative. In order to do so, Genette subdivides the term transtextuality into five more specific categories: intertextuality, paratextuality, metatextuality, hypertextuality, and architextuality. Such a history has been given a name: intertextuality. New York: Cambridge University Press. According to Genette , hypertextuality involves any relationship uniting a text B hypertext to an earlier text A hypotext , upon which it is grafted in a manner that is not that of commentary. The definition of intertextuality was created by the French semiotician Julia Kristeva in the s. He divided the sign into parts and produced a definition in which a sign can be imagined as a two-sided coin combining a concept — signified- and a sound-image- signifier. Peter Pan had the right idea. However, each way around would deliver a different take.

In this manner the concept of intertext has had an impact beyond literature and art studies. The epitext consists of elements outside of the text in question, such as interviews, publicity announcements, reviews by and addressed to critics, private letters, and other authorial and editorial discourse.

Peter Pan had the right idea. Abrams in Allen, defines intertextuality in terms of the internal relations of a text with all other relating texts. Thus, hypertextuality represents the relation between a text and a text or genre on which it is based but which it transforms, modifies, elaborates or extends including parody, spoof, sequel, translation.

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As Genette points out then, his different types of transtextuality cannot be absolutely separated from each other, because of their reciprocal relationship or inevitable overlapping.

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