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I was part of something. For him, running a profitable casino and elite status in Las Vegas is the goal. There is a vibrancy and freshness to the picture which outshine the original version.

I'm here to f--kin' amuse you?


Oh, you had a fire? You understand?

That the old guy benefited from something not directly related to his own hard work? This scene in which he takes revenge on a neighbour who upsets his wife is shockingly violent but with a deliberate tinge of twisted morality which sucks you into the allure of being able to mete out justice as you see fit. I compared this Blu-ray with the original release rather casually, and without the use of screenshots or constant switching between sources. It includes about thirty years in his life, from his teen years as a Brooklyn Irish neighborhood kid to maturity as an adult gangster, covering the years from the s to the drug-saturated s when married to wife Karen Lorraine Bracco. You might want to give it a second thought. It also explains our long-running fascination with pirates, bandits, outlaws and, of course, gangsters. When confronted with his school truancy record by his harsh, miserably unhappy, "pissed off" father, Henry is beaten with a belt - the image freeze-frames, leaving its impression on Henry's consciousness and a bruise on his face. This gets him noticed by both the police and other criminal figures, and begins his long, messy downfall.

In a pivotal scene early in the movie, a devious mob member offers Tony and his friends the chance to make a drug deal with Columbians. Special Features 4.

That what Paulie and the organization does is offer protection for people who can't go to the cops.

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How Ken handles this order, and his behavior over the rest of the film, offers the savvy entrepreneur a good lesson in how changes sometimes have to be made when you find that previous decisions have put you on the wrong path. You may fold under questioning.

How am I funny? He turns and goes. I had it all. Already successful, he starts defying both the law and mob orders by running his own side business that eventually causes everything to unravel. For every winner, there does not have to be a loser. You know why? Overall, the more I watched this Blu-ray, the more I appreciated this new presentation. It was when I first met Jimmy Conway. You took your first pinch like a man and you learned the two greatest things in life They don't listen Although unaware of how to run a restaurant, Paulie promises to offer protection by becoming a partner. The fast-moving, energizing, episodic story, with plentiful profanity the F-word is repeatedly spoken by Joe Pesci's character , forceful editorial cuts and visuals, shifting points of view, and characters speaking directly to the camera, is told with voice-over narrative commentary by Henry Hill Ray Liotta.

And it was tribute, just like in the old country, except they were doing it here in America.

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