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Reject with Error objects In case something goes wrong, the executor should call reject. Generally, chaining is preferred. We began by expressing our devotion and deep conviction to the doctrines and teachings of the Bible, especially the New Testament. If x is a thenable, it attempts to make promise adopt the state of x, under the assumption that x behaves at least somewhat like a promise.

Plot[ edit ] In Germany, a freshly graduated engineer with modest origins, Friedrich Zeitz Richard Maddenstarts work at a steelworks owned by ageing tycoon Karl Hoffmeister Alan Rickman.

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In this chapter we cover promise chaining. The whole thing works, because a call to promise.

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If then is not a function, fulfill promise with x. It is a book that has brought about a mighty change in my life. Chaining is used much more often. Although, as I mentioned, jQuery's Deferreds are a bit … unhelpful.

We only should call one of them when ready.

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