Air asia human resource planning

The advantage of network structure is flexibility and allows quick responses to changes in market place. And than AirAsia also trying to reduce by using better maintenance management. For the matrix structure, matrix structures helps in increasing the organizational flexibility and meet the needs of environment changing rapidly.

airasia employee training

The advantage of division structure will be higher level of motivation and innovation while the disadvantages will be resource allocation based on short-term contribution. Customers can also pre-book the checked baggage in lower rate.

As such, 3M attracts fresh graduates and grooms new recruits to grow quickly within the organization.

Besides, AirAsia uses general electric engine for the customer safety as customers are the priority of company. But being a low cost leader, AirAsia an upper hand because its cost will be still the lowest among all the regional airlines.

Cost can be the competitive preference and determines the market position in LCC industry. Strategy is about competitive position that the company performs different activities from rivals or performing similar activities in different ways.

The organizational structure major strengths will be vision and flexibility. Besides, the prices of the oil may be another factor for the airlines.

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AirAsia India: Strategies for Next 3 Years