An analysis of the dredd scott case as a momentous decision in the united states

And, moreover, the atrocities they had but recently committed, when they were the allies of Great Britain in the Revolutionary war, were yet fresh in the recollection of the people of the United States, and they were even then guarding themselves against the threatened renewal of Indian hostilities.

Now it is not necessary to inquire whether, in courts of that description, a party who pleads over in bar when a plea to the jurisdiction has been ruled against him does or does not waive his plea, nor whether, upon a judgment in his favor on the pleas in bar and a writ of error brought by the plaintiff, the question upon the plea in abatement would be open for revision in the appellate court.

The jurisdiction would not be presumed, as in the case of a common law English or State court, unless the contrary appeared. The words "people of the United States" and "citizens" are synonymous terms, and mean the same thing.

They are what we familiarly call the "sovereign people," and every citizen is one of this people, and a constituent member of this sovereignty.

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And if it cannot, the plaintiff in error could not be a citizen of the State of Missouri within the meaning of the Constitution of the United States, and, consequently, was not entitled to sue in its courts. There are two leading questions presented by the record: 1.

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III 1.

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Dred Scott v. Sandford