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Budget airlines focus on delivering reduced cost travel through marketing strategies targeting people who are price sensitive as well as short-haul business passengers. Research demonstrates that higher income individuals are more likely than lower income individuals to report themselves at higher levels of satisfaction David and Smeeding, However as Jobber suggests price is often used by consumers as an indicator of service level hence Ryanair is rarely perceived as a quality service offering company. To better assess how the micro-environment influence and affect SIA, PESTEL analysis is used as a method of environment scanning to provide an overview to better address the future directive the company. However this edge is continually eroded. Changes in the international political landscape has aroused political tension among the state-owned airlines which compete for growth and market share. While budget operators to date have been either locally or regionally based should operators like Ryannair expand to providing international journeys this will create major threats to SIA in terms of competition for long-haul passengers also. It supports a wide range of local and overseas community groups and charity organizations. Product — Singapore airline is a service industry that does product differentiation from others through its 2 to 4 classes Suite, First Class, Business and Economy classes with its Krisflyer loyalty membership, in flight entertainment, fast check in and limousine services and lounge usage services. Thompson, A.

Macro environmental contexts are of concern in these advantages as wider economic conditions impacting on businesses will have a significant impact on SIA if reductions in travelling expenses are sought by business passengers. Demography shift to more younger and well-travelled travellers who have more disposable income to spend on luxury travels.

Market Orientation. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! In this stage of the product life, Singapore Airlines must reinvent itself every few years to remain competitive in the industry and to prolong the stage period not to reach the decline stage. In some cases a restriction in no sky policy.

This is due to existing rivalries as well as new entrants within the discount airline market segment. This is to say the employees with higher levels of education and vocational skills will seek higher pay and do so where increased productivity has been achieved.

Competitive in pricing strategies due to stiff competition. David, M.

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This later becomes one of the most recognized signatures of the airline, and is one of the critical reasons why Singapore Airlines always ranked at top for the customer satisfaction survey about in-flight service observed by various sources such as independent institutions or online social networking sites. The company keeps driving innovation as an important part of the brand, and the cabin ambience and combined experience are key factors of its success. Arguably this may have been as a result of lower terrorist related concerns in Asia but instability arising out of the terrorist attacks in Bali, Indonesia may in the future create more security related pressures for south-east Asian airline operators. However productivity levels are not only linked with monetary rewards. This has become the most important competitive advantage for SIA. Opportunities xxiv. Amstrong and Kotler defined needs as states of felt deprivation. Hundreds of industry awards are received by Singapore Airlines for its service quality. These developments have been supported by skilled management and governance procedures which have generally resulted in SIA enjoying a strong financial framework benefiting from previous successful operations. Other than that, Singapore Airlines also offer many in-flight facilities and entertainment, such as free headsets, choice of meals, satellite-based inflight telephones, inflight meals from the International Culinary Panel, offer audio and video on demand capabilities on KrisWorld in all classes. However considering changing consumer behaviour and attitudes towards flying it is a difficult challenge for SIA to adjust its marketing strategy and brand image reflecting these changing psychosocial trends. It was the first to introduce hot meals, free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, hot towels with a unique and patented scent, personal entertainment systems, and video-on-demand in all cabins. Attractiveness to premium customers for its young fleet aircrafts, maintaining a very young fleet of aircrafts f.

A key indicator is that the load factor represents and determines the breakeven point between cost and profitability. Limited access to airport and route are also another difficulty post to new entrant. Economy class passengers are a much broader group, traveling mainly for leisure and evenly spread across most socio-economic groups and age ranges.

Improvement and installation of in-flight entertainment system such as latest technology electronics and DVDs, access provision to the CD music and interconnected network games with the passengers inside of the aircraft, ability to send and receive email and internet surfing on selected content, Satellite telephones can be some of the suggestions.

Singapore Airlines mostly targets at businessmen and wealthy folds who are willing to pay a premium flight fares for a guarantee high quality service.

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