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The film became the famous On the Waterfrontstarring Marlon Brando. Seeing no solution to his problem, Eddie becomes increasingly desperate and takes his anger out on Rodolpho and, in teaching him to box, 'accidentally' injures him.

Synopsis[ edit ] The action is narrated by Alfieri who, being raised in s Italy but now working as an American lawyer, represents the "Bridge" between the two cultures. Maybe they gave you a ridiculously early curfew.

Vengeful, Marco confronts Eddie publicly on his release, and Eddie turns on him with a knife, demanding that he take back his accusations and restore his honour.

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Drunk, he kisses Catherine and then attempts to prove that Rodolpho is gay by suddenly and passionately kissing him also. Eddie is a good man who, although ostensibly protective and fatherly towards Catherine, harbours a growing passion for her as she approaches her 18th birthday.

Marco spits in Eddie's face in front of everyone and accuses Eddie of killing his starving children.

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This caused a major falling out between the two. Opera[ edit ] Renzo Rossellini , the brother of film director Roberto Rossellini , was the first to adapt the play into an opera with his Uno sguardo dal ponte , which premiered at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma in Many immigrants were arriving, having decided to leave the problems of war-torn Europe behind them. Catherine and Rodolpho are attracted to each other, which annoys Eddie a lot. He finds more and more things to dislike about Rodolpho as the young couple grow closer over the following weeks. Unlike Eddie, when he names names he's viewed as a hero. When immigration officials arrive and arrest Marco, Rodolpho, and the two other immigrants, Eddie pretends that the arrest comes as a complete surprise to him, but Beatrice and Marco see through this. Alfieri visits Marco and Rodolpho in custody, obtaining their release on bail until their hearing comes up.

When they decide to get married, Eddie does a terrible thing — he reports the cousins as illegal immigrants.

Marco reacts by quietly threatening Eddie, showing his strength by holding a heavy chair above Eddie's head with one hand and 'smiling with triumph'.

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