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Murray Leinster William Fitzgerald Jenkins, who wrote under the name Murray Leinster, is another writer from science fiction's early years, and a prolific one at that: Jenkins wrote more than 1, stories across several genres, though his science fiction stories are perhaps the most popular.

Palmerand it appeared in the March issue.

famous science fiction authors

Octavia Butler Although Conversations with Octavia Butler is not technically a biography, this collection of revealing interviews offers glimpses into the mind of one of science fiction's most influential writers. The Dream World of H. Forrest" for the novels Ria and Carola.

biographies science fiction writers

Popular science[ edit ] During the late s and s, Asimov substantially decreased his fiction output he published only four adult novels between 's The Naked Sun and 's Foundation's Edgetwo of which were mysteries. Lovecraft Ask any well-informed science fiction fan who their favorite literary creatures are and the answer will more often than not come back to Cthulhu, the central creature in the mythos created by Lovecraft about the ancient, slumbering deities from space who once ruled the Earth.

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The column was ostensibly dedicated to popular science but Asimov had complete editorial freedom, and wrote about contemporary social issues[ citation needed ] in essays such as "Thinking About Thinking" [] and "Knock Plastic! Haunted by the twin sister who died at birth, physically and mentally damaged by the drugs he took, convinced that the CIA was spying on him, and subject to a mystical religious revelation that directly informed his last few novels, Dick did not live a conventional life. Wells: Another Kind of Life by Michael Sherborne There are probably more biographies of Wells than of any other writer outside of Shakespeare and Dickens, but many of them focus on particular aspects of his life. His first published novel , a children's book called Revolt on Alpha C , appeared in , and he won his first Hugo the following year for "best new writer". At the time, Asimov was preparing his own doctoral dissertation , and for the oral examination to follow that. He later described the era as his "'mature' period". Butler often examined issues of race, gender in her fiction via a platform of science fictional themes like post-apocalypse, immortality and genetics. It was first introduced in the five short stories — which would later be collected as the fix-up novel Foundation. In Paris she met her husband, and through him the greatest names in philosophy and science of the age, including Descartes, Hobbes, and Evelyn. His father James owned a shoe store, and was a first-generation American whose parents were both Austrian.

His father was Paul M. Their first child, Rita, was born in His first published work was a humorous item on the birth of his brother for Boys High School's literary journal in What interested them in writing the types of stories that they write?

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