Bureaucracy and administrative management

Task specialisation Tasks are divided into simple, routine categories on the basis of competencies and functional specialisations.

Administrative management theory

It is a closed system. Hierarchical of authority Managers are organised into hierarchical layers, where each layer of management is responsible for its staff and overall performance. In the Bureaucratic style, relationships are not important, and individuals should just put their heads down and just do their jobs. This may cause conflicts in the organization unless the sub-systems are appropriately balanced. This is essentially the trademark and foundation of a bureaucracy. Lack of proper coordination often causes conflicts in an organization. Udy Jr, S.

Explain the concept of bureaucratic management. He thought management principles needed to be flexible and adaptable and that they would be expanded through experience and experimentation.

types of bureaucracy

The style operates under strict deadlines and tight budgets. Need for integration also increases with increase in structural dimensions.

discuss the administrative and bureaucratic management

For this, specialized units whose activities are inter-related could be put under one manager. It is a practice in efficiency and control.

similarities between scientific management and bureaucracy

The hierarchy of authority is a system in which different positions are related in order of precedence and in which the highest rung on the ladder has the greatest power.

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Bureaucratic Theory definition by Max Weber