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Include any special circumstances, experiences, talents, skills, etc. Pet dog essay writing. For instance, if a significant personal circumstance impacted your application — and this was not the circumstance you described in Essay Two — this would be a good time to elaborate on that. Health insurance research paper topics analysis essay of othello superposition theorem solved problems ac circuits how to pay for assignments opening essay sentences examples brief literature review sample budget assignment pdf prediction problem solving questions for kids unemployment research paper pdf homeworks furniture ocean city md writing a new business plan critical thinking skills online course creative writing call for submissions term paper components new company business plan. Looking for the Essay Guides? With that in mind, you should focus on elucidating something that is otherwise absent from your application. What is one of the most difficult things you have ever done or experienced? Then, you should connect it back to your high school extracurricular career and show the admissions officers how your passion for a given field has impacted your secondary studies.

Keep in mind that each school may have different application requirements, and it is important to check the guidelines for the specific BYU Provo college to which you choose to apply.

The easiest way to convey passion is to identify key, direct reasons why you are choosing that particular school.

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If you do decide to focus on a personal challenge, you want to ensure that this is not a challenge that may cast doubt on your ability to succeed at BYU.

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A more subtle, but still effective way to answer this question is to think about a moral or ethical dilemma you have faced. For this reason, it can be safer to choose a problem that has long since been resolved and no longer affects you.

However, despite the influence of religion on this campus, you do not necessarily need to be a member of the LDS church to attend BYU.

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Discussing a quirky skill, unique talent, or another distinguishing attribute or experience is one way to go about this. As BYU stipulates in the prompt itself, specificity is crucial. Given the choice, which CES school would you most like to attend, and why? Looking for the Essay Guides? It is helpful to focus on something that is memorable and unique to you, so that you stand out in the minds of admissions officers. The first step is to identify which activities, awards, or experiences you want to list. If you have spent your high school career engaging in meaningful community service, you should certainly prioritize this activity when listing your relevant experiences. There are some caveats to keep in mind when answering this question. Overview Lessons 1 - 4. The most straightforward way to approach this essay would be to talk about a tangible challenge you have had to address. Best of luck from the CollegeVine team!

The first step is to identify which school you are planning to apply to, which is simple enough. These kinds of challenges could range from family tragedies to academic setbacks to extracurricular obstacles. What is one of the most difficult things you have ever done or experienced?

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There are a few ways you can really take advantage of this prompt.

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