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Impact of urbanization on society

Changes in social organization, a consequence of urbanization, are thought to lead to reduced social support, increased violence, and overcrowding. Thus, the more denser, larger and heterogeneous the community the more accentuated are the characteristics associated with the urban way of life. It symbolizes the movement of people from rural to urban areas. This has been possible because of improved communications, and has been caused by factors such as the fear of crime and poor urban environments. The MEDC's around the world are all urbanised now, with annual growth rates of urbanisation still increasing, but sustainably. Some factors include per capita income, income inequality, and overall population size. Social benefits and services There are numerous social benefits attributed to living in the cities and towns. Urbanization changes the social and environmental landscape across the globe. The US Bureau of the Census defines an area as being urbanized if a central city and its closely settled surrounding territory are of a certain size with 50, people and density of at least 1, people per square mile Knox,

Thus, urbanization can be summarized as a process which reveals itself through temporal, spatial and sectoral changes in demographic, social, economic, technological and environmental aspects of life in a given society.

This is evident in the geographical regions that crime occurs in.

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While urbanization is associated with improvements in public hygienesanitation and access to health careit also entails changes in occupational, dietary and exercise patterns.

This essay will focus on these four changes in Hong Kong.

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Los Angeles is the best-known example of this type of urbanization. It results in urban inhabitants being presented to violence and instability, destitution, health problems, natural and man-made calamities de Boer, Looking at the evidence recovered from various sites definitely poses some problems for scholars in trying to place it in the context of the time-line of that city; yet these scholars have the knowledge of the end result of our modern-day societies. This is due to insufficient expansion space for housing and public utilities, poverty, unemployment and costly building materials which can only be afforded by few individualsOvercowdingIvercrowding is a situation whereby a huge number of people live in a small space. As birth rates decline over time, according to the demographic transition model, the role of natural increase in determining the pace of urban population growth becomes less important in comparison to migration. For example due to the congestion in urban centers the government is forced to improve the efficiency of roads which makes the facilities far much better. Furthermore, urbanization improves environmental eminence through superior facilities and better-quality living standards in urban areas as compared to rural areas. Taylor and Karen A. Mental health[ edit ] Urbanization factors that contribute to mental health can be thought of as factors that affect the individual and factors that affect the larger social group.

Precipitation is 5 percent to 10 percent higher in cities; thunderstorms and hailstorms are much more frequent, but snow days in cities are less common. Urbanization in the Western world began with the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th century.

Communities and urbanization essay

In contrast, urbanization can be viewed and perceived to mean a lot of things Why Does Urbanization Occur? The combination of the increased energy consumption and difference in albedo radiation means that cities are warmer than rural areas 0.

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Urbanization: An Environmental Force to be Reckoned With