Dissolved oxygen to fish observed

Examine the data in Table 4 showing the amount of dissolved oxygen present and the number of fish observed in the body of water the sample was taken from; finally, answer the questions below.

Independent variable

Different sized aquariums are set up with six goldfish in each one. A local grocery store was holding a contest to see who could most closely guess the number of pennies that they had inside a large jar. Exercise 1: Data Interpretation Dissolved oxygen is oxygen that is trapped in a fluid, such as water. In one tank, I would ensure that the aquarium was filled with a specifically determined level of water and measure the level of dissolved oxygen present with no fish. The dad opens his hand and displays 90 cents. On Lab 1 Introduction to Science BIOL the first week, I will ensure that I would record vital statistics including blood pressure at the same time everyday for a week and same process will be reinforced for the second week. Second is 1 week of eating a healthy diet with regular work out routine. Then, I would ensure that Sally was placed on a healthy eating plan, approved by a nutritionist, and prescribe an exercise routine. Plant 1 will have an access to the sunlight while the other will not. I would reinforce my control by making sure that I have the same water source, strict constant succession of the rate of dissolved oxygen ppm , the same start and end of experiment, same temperature of the environment, and possible fishes with equal size, weight, and health. What is your control? Subsequently, based on the information contained within the data points, and the line graph comparison, I would draw a final conclusion and present my data to interested parties in the form of a brief Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

The aquariums are equally maintained and cleaned throughout the experiment. Write down what time he goes to bed and how many hours he sleeps for each night.

Did the son guess close enough to receive the money from his father? Each observation would be a replication. What was the four source hypothesishow did it come about and why it was done this way areā€¦ Words - Pages 6 Evolutin: Part Scientific Theory, Part Unconfirmed Hypothesis Essays The world in which we live is truly an amazing and wondrous place.

exercise 1 design an experiment

There is an ideal dissolved oxygen concentration for fish to live in. Then, I will plot it via line graph to visually demonstrate the differences of the statistics obtained. A coach tells his little league players that hitting a 0.

Dissolved oxygen to fish observed

For the past two days, the clouds have come out at 3 pm and it has started raining at pm. Use a bar graph to show the average blood pressure for each of your study groups. Hypothesis: When the temperature increases, the paraffin candle would be able to gain more heat because it have more covalent bond compared to ethanol Procedure: Experimental errors occurred in this experiment due to the limitation on the accuracy of the materials.

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