Essay about space exploration is a waste of money

What is there that we absolutely have to know about the sea floor?

should money be spent on space exploration essay

Additionally, all of the hazards of Space exploration are made public knowledge, if you take the time to look, and the Astronauts, which are really the only ones threatened, are fully aware of what they're signing on for.

This in turn will save a lot that is spent on the medical facilities. NASA is the go to organization when talking about space research, however there are numerous other groups who focus on the same thing that NASA does.

Imagine a solar farm, capable of harvesting the solar winds; this translates to an unlimited supply of energy for not just the United States, but the entire world! Everyday in Delhi B.

reasons to stop space exploration

This does not include any spin off jobs that are created by the space industry. The pressures are far far too powerful and some even say its more dangerous to trek to the bottom of our oceans then it is into space.

Essay about space exploration is a waste of money

When space technology has advanced far enough, we will be able to leave this planet in large numbers and live among the stars. Man's uncontainable curiosity To put it bluntly, if aliens were discovered on the face of Mercury, wouldn't you be interested in hearing about it? Viewpoint As telescopes and space projects continue to explore the outer depths of the universe, spacecraft missions reveal the diversity of multiple worlds within the universe. Also, why take so much time and money to learn about Mars or any other planet, when we know so little about our own? There are also private entities that are consistently making breakthrough discoveries as well, with the most widely. We got velcro, the moon gave us nothing except some pretty pictures of the planet below. GPS Very critical if your lost somewhere, has saved lives! Parts of your computer are made of it. Some people claim that space exploration is a waste of money, we should invest budget in other aspects of economy or science. Money could be allocated for education. Is the cost of space adventure unjustified while poverty exists in many parts of the world? It is unfair to spend a lot of money on space projects, and in some parts of the world, the money is desperately needed to tackle problems like corruption and environmental issues, which is a more terrible matter right now.

When they send people to give them prepared food and medication, what will happen when they leave? The mark of any civilization, whether ancient or modern is its knowledge about space and outer space.

should money be spent on space exploration or it can be better used to reduce poverty
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Space Exploration