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Embryologically, the bladder is derived from the urogenital sinusand it is initially continuous with the allantois. The liver is said to play a role in the elimination of excess fats and cholesterol that is essential to the health of the body.

The urine collected in the bladder is passed into the external environment from the body through an opening called the urethra.

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Updated August 03, By Kylie Lemon An organism must rid itself of waste and toxins that build up and this is the excretory system function. For example, the liver transforms ammonia which is poisonous into urea in fish , amphibians and mammals, and into uric acid in birds and reptiles. Micturition is the act of expelling urine from the body. The urethra is shorter in females and longer in the males. The ureters run posteriorly on the lateral walls of the pelvis. The project then requires some athletic volunteers to perform sweat-inducing exercise. The ureters cross the pelvic brim near the bifurcation of the iliac arteries which they run over. The consequences of this depend on the site of blockage and how long it goes on for. Fill the tall jar with water until it is about half full. The urinary system gets rid of waste in the form of urine. Every human has two kidneys.

The clear water changes color but the sand stays behind, stopped by the filter paper. This "pelviureteric junction" is a common site for the impaction of kidney stones the other being the uteterovesical valve.

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Some stones are small enough to be forced into the urethra. Excretory System Model In this excretory system project, students make a model of the excretory system that includes the kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra, as well as the arteries and veins that bring blood to the kidneys for cleaning.

Excretory system project

In some cases, excess wastes crystallize as kidney stones. Give them a few tips and award extra points for students who can make their models out of recyclable materials. How Lungs Do Their Job This project will focus on the lungs, which are responsible for getting rid of waste gases. Be sure to include a control group to compare the amount of sweat produced. Its primary function is to protect the different organs of the body. The renal pelvis takes urine away from the kidney via the ureter. The cells that make up the gland are larger in size than the duct cells and its lumen is around 20 microns in diameter. The sweat, helped by salt, evaporates and helps to keep the body cool when it is warm. In mammals, the skin excretes sweat through sweat glands throughout the body. It is a simple science project for younger students that demonstrates the concept of a filter and how it works.

Lungs Lungs are the primary respiratory organs and they help take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. The color of the sand and water mixture will slowly fade with each change and this will demonstrate how the kidneys cleanse urea and toxins from the blood while the actual blood cells remain behind.

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When the string is pulled, this will inflate the ice bags, demonstrating the breathing process. Urinary bladder The urinary bladder is the organ that collects waste excreted by the kidneys prior to disposal by urination. Biliary obstruction is typically due to masses blocking the ducts of the system such as tumors. The way the kidneys do this is with nephrons. Liver The liver has an important function in excretion. That is particularly true for acoelomate groups like cnidarians , flatworms and nemerteans , who have no body cavities and hence no body fluid that can be drained or purified by nephrons, which is the reason acoelomate animals are thread-like nemertans , flat flatworms or only consist of a thin layer of cells around a gelatinous non-cellular interior cnidarians. Main article: Urinary system The kidneys are bean-shaped organs which are present on each side of the vertebral column in the abdominal cavity. In human males, the base of the bladder lies between the rectum and the pubic symphysis. The renal cortex is the outer layer of the kidney and the medulla is the inner layer of the kidney. Tie a piece of string to the air tube of the balloon. Eccrine glands in the skin are unique to mammals. The clear water changes color but the sand stays behind, stopped by the filter paper. The skin eliminates compounds like NaCl, some amount of urea etc.

They are excreted from the liver and along with blood flow they help to form the shape of the liver where they are excreted. It is superior to the prostateand separated from the rectum by the rectovesical excavation.

Biliary obstruction is typically due to masses blocking the ducts of the system such as tumors. The gland does the actual secretion and it lies deep within the dermis.

Biliary system Main article: Biliary system The liver detoxifies and breaks down chemicals, poisons and other toxins that enter the body. Urethra In anatomy, the from Greek — ourethra is a tube which connects the urinary bladder to the outside of the body.

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Human Excretory System