Ford motor company case report

Ford motor company case report

The vehicle engineers were tasked to develop the vehicle and put it into production within 25 months, which was nearly half the time in which the average new vehicle is put into production. In order for the new system to function properly Ford must have an IT specialist to coordinate all IT activities with the suppliers in order to ensure a smooth flow of information between the supply chain partners. Each Dell computer system is made up of less than a hundred parts, whereas an automobile requires several thousand parts. Our recommendation would be to implement the first option outlined in the Alternatives and Options, which is to extend its virtual business strategy by mplementing a partial version of the Dell model of supply chain management. Then, this industry makes 60 million cars and trucks per year worldwide. Ford needs to continue looking for new markets to exploit as they come available. The company wants to meet its target by delivering attractive brand to the customer as well as serving the customer and providing post sales service to the customer. Present initiatives are fine, but they seem to be moving forward very slowly. And hence, with proper planning, and complete restructure of Ford, it earned profits during and with effective strategies. Referring to the ford strategy, One Ford is based on the team work which consists of the decision making, developing plan and policies as well as implementing should be finalize in the group. Strategic alliance and the partnership for the aim to enhance the market share to the competitors. It would be time consuming and require both internal and external changes with would be difficult to handle and integrate with existing systems. For the improvement of the efficiency and the quality, the company focus on the implementing the advance technology on its operation which is establish with the standard like fuel, plugs, eco boosts and power batteries. We ould design a system that is a mixture of both an online system and our tradition dealership system.

Ford later regained some of its market in by diversifying its product offerings by purchasing luxury European brands. Suppliers would have access to central design database while Ford controls the access and functionality as per their operational requirements.

ford motor company strategic analysis

Present initiatives are fine, but they seem to be moving forward very slowly. To attract the customer, to enhance the market share as well as to increase the profit margin, it is able to provide the best product to the customer as per the necessary and wants, no matter what the situation they have.

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Ford has been trying to find a hip new SUV platform that will appeal to younger buyers. They want to be the company that already has a plan in place, and can implement it quickly and efficiently.

Ford motor company new strategies for international growth case study

Hence, downsizing strategy continued as well but this time with the introduction of new products, discontinuing the outdated ones keeping up with changing consumer trends. They now offers product mix to meet the demand of people of all classes They reach the customer through traditional media like radio, newspaper, TV commercials and by also using the social sites. Lead times on all online orders should be monitored egularly to ensure that the time trom the customer order to delivery is being met at the predetermined optimum time. Ford was struggling; losing more than The research reports shows that the latest status of the market. When we compare Ford to Dell See Exhibit 1 we realize that Dell only has about 50 suppliers, but Ford has thousands of suppliers that operate in a very complex network of business relationships. Funding Universe. Their overhead and inventory costs will decrease, and Ford will be in a better position to interact with their customers. Recently the Obama Administration and the auto manufacturers were in negotiations over new standards that could reduce global warming emissions by millions of tons per year and decrease oil imports by billions of barrels during the life of the program. Implementing the Vision It is difficult to make recommendations to a company which is already trying to innovate in all arenas. Many uncertainties remained as to what had to be done to sustain in the future. They decided not to waste any money on traditional marketing. This would open new markets and attract clients who prefer to shop online. It is a multinational corporation and the world's fourth largest automaker based on worldwide vehicle sales, following Toyota, General Motors, and Volkswagen.

Another way to monitor the performance of the system is to start an online customer satisfaction program where the customers can evaluate and rate their experience with Ford. What should you expect. Basically Ford would be creating a complete pull system.

ford motor company new strategies for international growth case analysis

In the 's, the automobile market for the major auto makers - General Motors GMFord, and Chrysler- was crunched by competition from foreign manufactures such as Toyota and Honda.

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Case Analysis Ford Motor Company Essay Example