Frank stella essay

Frank stella essay

Flash Art Magazine Jan. Like his father, Tennessee gambled and drank. That the work emerges from the making, from building with the hands, counters conceptuality and keeps everything material and tactile. His fiery attitude, however, was combined with a sharp intelligence; in , he entered Princeton University, majoring in history. These proved in every way more substantial than Stella might have imagined, and he found himself on more solid ground everywhere as the work progressed. He would not only utilize what he cut out, but also what was left over from the cutting. William Portrays in this play the reality of people's lives. An untitled painting from that Stella produced as a student at Princeton depicts a vague, brownish plane that could be a floor or a tabletop fig.

Literary Reference Center. His concentric stripes now lead the eye into the center of the painting, where the possibility of depth is abruptly halted—where we are no longer facing a painting, but the wall.

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Alkyd on canvas. Stella combines a lexicon of abstract gestures—geometric, expressionistic, primitive scratches, and graffiti-like scrawls—that compete for our attention, stirring up the space inside, in front of, and around the floating rectangular frame, confusing our depth of vision.

Encounters like this cannot go ignored, even though all his life Stella had taken it as axiomatic that nothing good could come out of Surrealism.

Stella learned from Pollock, Newman, and, in the case of the Black Paintings in particular, Mark Rothko, that materiality does not preclude the possibility of creating space.

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A solid aluminum model of Bogoria, with a background similar to the later Tri-Wall models, was worked on extensively by the artist and Milgo and finally completed in While at Princeton, he played lacrosse and had to join in night painting and drawing classes, since they did not offer a studio art degree.

Kamionka Strumilowa IV is a work based on this idea. However, these preparatory drawings of jogged lines presented a problem for subsequent paintings. They had two children, but their marriage ended in divorce.

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