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Having chosen freelance content academic writing jobs, you are free to set your rules, which makes the working process most comfortable and efficient. Once we receive the contract you can begin working!

Not bad, wright? How many jobs in USA presuppose such independence? Set your schedule Working from home, you should not adapt to the working hours which were set by the administration. One of our writers suggested using Guru to find someone to transcribe these interviews Websites offering freelance writing jobs are not rare, but the problem that scams among them occur very often.

Projects are sent to your e-mail throughout the day and you respond if you would like to accept the assignment.

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All writers are freelance contractors and responsible for submitting projects on time and according to the guidelines distributed with each order. Here at our company we release writer payouts once or twice a month according to your choice. Our clients give us the exact specifications for their project, the date they would like the project from us and the format that the project is to be written in. Full name. If you are seriously planning to work with us, you should have a valid bank account USD or PayPal account. We have many things to offer to you as a specialist in academic writing. We are hiring writers! We have work available for in every field of study, ranging from English Literature, Business and MBA projects, psychology, sociology and more. Imagine no daunting tasks and toxic bosses.

We pay our writers based on the speed of delivery and complexity of the order. As you understand, this job is done from home on a freelance basis.

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