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Searching Google can be overwhelming due to the vast amount of information and lack of consistent organization across websites. Do a thorough search for sources in your field. Kruskal-Wallis tests were performed on the log scales for the amount of time searching the literature across groups to be consistent with the boxplots. In general, systematic review search methods should be explicit, reproducible, and attempt to identify all documents that meet the pre-defined eligibility criteria for inclusion in the review [ 2 ]. The Internet is often used as a platform for publishing grey literature by a wide range of organizations, such as government and non-government organizations, research centres, health institutes, and non-profit organizations, contributing to a proliferation of this source of data [ 3 ]. Literature Review Acceptance of the inclusion of grey literature in systematic reviews has varied over time. Therefore handsearching of journals or conference proceedings would be particularly relevant to include in the systematic review search methodology. To achieve a comprehensive review, grey literature is an important element of large-scale syntheses and can be incorporated in two ways: 1 as included items in these reviews and 2 as a means to identify relevant studies and publications for these projects.

On three occasions, various authors of this article have attempted to systematically search for and synthesise public health grey literature and information. In recent years, education opportunities relating to systematic review searching have transpired.

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Finally, syntheses of grey literature can help applied researchers and practitioners understand what interventions exist for a particular problem, the full range of evaluations if any that have been conducted, and where further intervention development and evaluation is needed.

The Joanna Briggs Institute, The first searching strategy involved searching grey literature databases relevant to the subject of the review.

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There were no further attempts to contact non-responders beyond this second email. For example, Avenell and colleagues found that relying on a single database as an information source for their review on nutritional supplementation trials would have omitted nearly half of all eligible documents [ 23 ].

We sent both personalised requests to key informants, as well as more generic requests to professional organisations and groups, using a variety of methods.

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Further discussion and research into the search approach for grey literature in support of systematic reviews is encouraged. Of this time, hours accounted for protocol development, searches, retrieval, abstract management, paper screening, blinding, data extraction and quality scoring and data entry. These strategies were loosely adapted from those used in a grey literature review on drug prevention initiatives [ 22 ]. Titles that appeared relevant were highlighted in Excel and retained for further screening. If more than one of these elements were available, all were reviewed for relevance. The same ten unique search strategies used in the custom Google search engine searches were applied to a Google search engine, as shown in Additional file 2. As librarians become increasingly integrated into systematic reviews, as called for by the IOM Standard 3. Although poorly and diversely defined, critical reflection is generally associated with post hoc examination of experiences in an attempt to improve future practice [ 15 , 16 ]. At the same time, information storage and sharing patterns may vary internationally. The strategy you'll develop to find grey literature is very question- and objective-dependent, and can require quite a bit of creativity and dogged determination. We assigned a numeric code for each reason for excluding items i.
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Grey literature: What it is & how to find it