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Members are requested not to drop or throw weights. Don't drop weights Dropping weights on the floor can cause injury to yourself or others and can also damage the equipment itself.

Ask staff to regularly conduct walk-throughs of the gym to observe member behavior.

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It's even better to put down a towel before you use the bench. It can be very unpleasant for others who are breathing heavily. Return or remove weights when you are finished with them This is a simple matter of courtesy to whoever is using the equipment after you. The success of your policies depends largely on how you present and enforce them. Do not disturb others. Place dumbbells back on the rack in the slots where they belong and always remove your weights from the machines unless the next person specifically asks you to leave them on. The permanent lockers can be used only during the period of membership. This can distract other gym members. Personal space, guys! If there is a line, please do not fill up your water bottle. So you can leg press kg? Willfully damages the properties of the club or the building facilities. Post Signs. Post signs throughout the gym and locker rooms, clearly stating your etiquette policies.

If you want to be a real champion, look out for your fellow gym-goers and help them out if you see them struggling; maybe offer to spot them. Does any act which is in any manner disturbing or annoying other members of the club or disturbs or disrupts the functioning of the club in any manner.

The good news is that you can do a great deal to promote and enforce appropriate etiquette, thereby keeping clients happy and encouraging long-term member retention. Kindly do not leave any valuables in the car.

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However, if you do your best to consistently enforce your policies and model appropriate behavior, the health club experience will be pleasant for both members and staff, and retention will ultimately increase.

Damages the name and reputation of Fitness One through any actions.

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By maintaining respect and professionalism in your communication, you can easily resolve most issues. Some exercises require room to execute than others and you might just be in the way. Bench hogs Don't hog benches or machines unless it's quiet and nobody else wants to use them. It's even better to put down a towel before you use the bench. Update your policies whenever new issues arise, and clearly communicate any new rules to members. No Swearing This is a very common sense rule. Personal space: respect it. Fails to follow the club rules and regulations prevailing and also the ones introduced from time to time, including time limits on cardio machines and any issue pertaining to gym etiquette. So you can leg press kg? Not only can you hurt your joints by banging and dropping weights, it is very distracting to others. Kindly do not leave any valuables in the car. Avoid the chitchat. These rules are all fairly straightforward and come out of common sense.
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