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This is the very ecstasy of love. Again, Hamlet feels offended by what he sees as false and over the top protestations of grief.

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Hamlet asks Laertes to forgive him, he did not knowingly kill his father. Act I Scene i line Horatio says this to Marcellus, dawn has broke, and the cock has crowed, scaring away the ghost.

Hamlet act 1 quotes analysis

A dream itself is but a shadow. This is significant because the ghost will only speak to Hamlet and the two men decide to tell Hamlet about this encounter. Horatio is addressing the Ghost, demanding to know what the ghost is and why it resembles Hamlet, Sr. Our natural hot blooded reaction is cooled by over-analysing the issue. A small element of evil can corrupt an otherwise virtuous individual. Hamlet bursts into Ophelia's personal chamber half dressed and frantic. Polonius tells Reynaldo to gossip about Laertes to find out his true actions, to verbally show that Laertes is a free spirit who has acted a bit out of hand.

Hamlet forces his mother to look at two portraits of her lovers— one of his father, one of Claudius. She becomes convinced that he is truly mad. Hamlet believes that he is irreplaceable.

He realises that he has no excuse for his inaction.

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He again muses on the pointlessness of our worldly concerns, as none of us can avoid death. Act II Scene ii line 93 Polonius, about to describe the true reason for Hamlet's madness to Claudius, states that Hamlet is flat out crazy, because there is no other way to describe his actions. Use every man after his desert, and who should 'scape whipping? Claudius is explaining that Polonius and Laertes are as close to him as the hand is to the mouth or even the mind is to the heart. By heaven I charge thee, speak! It is possible that his attack on Laertes is motivated by utter shock that Ophelia is dead and a combination of guilt and rage when Leartes implies that Hamlet may be partially to blame. She becomes convinced that he is truly mad. Again, Hamlet feels offended by what he sees as false and over the top protestations of grief. Polonius had asked Hamlet what the matter of his book was saying. Hamlet says this after calling Polonius a Fishmonger. Page done by Courtney. This is significant because it is tight after he finds out about his father's murder. Hamlet believes that he is irreplaceable. He seems to think that his mother was involved in or had previous knowledge of the plot to kill his father Hamlet Snr.

He no longer worries what is right and wrong — he has convinced himself that getting revenge is what God wants him to do. But he cannot speak of the matters, or grieve, due to the King and the Queen's wishes.

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Hamlet wants to know the details of the crime so he can immediately seek revenge. We'll teach you to drink deep ere you depart.

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