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It was the first spark that instilled a deep desire to make air travel accessible to everyone. History[ edit ] AirAsia was established in and began operations on 18 November Within hours, he received about likes.

Fernandes believes in involving himself in the day-today functioning of an airline.

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He said that the Tatas know India very well and have a good reputation. Rejab from left to right The one ringgit man The true story of AirAsia is so incredible that it might have been lifted from a Hollywood movie.

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At present, there are As in the fleet, split across the different brands. It started with two planes Boeing sone destination Langkawi island and a staff of just Airlines across the world were retrenching employees, and travellers feared air travel.

He won a Formula One racing bet, and some bet it was, as a few months from now the person who lost the bet, Richard Branson, the founder and chairman of Virgin Group that owns companies, will wax his legs, don a red skirt and walk down the aisle of an AirAsia flight serving beverages to passengers.

Two years later, AirAsia X, the long haul equivalent of AirAsia, was launched, allowing passengers to travel greater distances at lower costs. Although not a businessman by profession, Fernandes certainly displayed business acumen when he foresaw a dim future for the music industry at that point.

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