How does 3m distinguish between incremental

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Davenport, T. So the fourth strategic thrust of the company was developed to pursue product development and innovation at every level in the organisation through research. This can be accomplished if they have a strategic approach to it. However, new ideas are very valuable and experimentation is inevitable.

The organisational culture is one which encourages innovation, and it has helped them to realize success over the years as it perpetuates itself.

How does 3m distinguish between incremental

Nevertheless, all of these tend to point to a general agreement of identifying customers according to their respective needs and finding solutions to all their needs respectively.

Economic development Not all ideas come from 3M laboratories.

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This was the first strategic thrust of the fledgling business - get close to the customer and understand their needs. Burns, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 3rd edn Palgrave Macmillan, This experience also taught 3M the value of research but in particular to value maverick inventors who were so attached to their ideas that they would push them through despite the bureaucracy of the company. This true as two heirs are better than one and knowledge sharing offers confidence and reliability on ideas if they are approved by those whom it is shared. Eventually, Lucius Ordway Short term researches were more of incremental innovation that were designed to respond to industrial and consumer needs, life science, electronics and information technologies and graphic technologies with a life span of years. How does 3M distinguish between incremental and fundamental innovations? The company began to realise that many small niche markets could prove to be more protable than a few large ones. However the corporate lab was designed for fundamental innovations with researches of over 10 years.

Knowledge transfer: A basis for competitive advantage in firms. Looking from the researchers' point of view, it can easily be concluded that this business strategy works because it has numerous potentials of motivating bot the individual and other members of the organisation.

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Accordingly, most research on the new-product ,development NPD process focuses on the development of evolutionary products. And with this the second strategic thrust of the company was developed - to seek out niche markets, no matter how small, which would allow it As 3M continue to expand their market research in search of new ways to generate profit, the company faces stiff competition from all their product lines. This strategy was adopting an employee appraisal scheme that was encouraging achievement by rewarding employees who generated successful business ideas. But most important of all, there has built up a culture which encourages innovation. Why do they work? Increased competition and new entries The drift in recent years towards globalization and internationalization of companies has affected the competitive landscape of business across the globe Harvey and Novicevic, and created a state of change as businesses struggle to adopt innovative leadership approaches to meet the challenges of new market environment Robinson and Harvey, Innovation is the process of making changes, large and small, radical and incremental, to products, processes, and services that results in the introduction of something new for the organization that adds value to customers and contributes to the knowledge store of the organization. He produced the product, complete with its distinctive yellow colour, and distributed it to secretaries who started using it throughout 3M. This research analysis was able to analyse all these six business strategies and what made them work for 3M.

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