How to write a non executive director cv

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Led the development of the first ever product development programme, leading to focused game development to market needs and structured marketing planning. Include acting as a Trustee, Governor, Company Secretary or other board level consultancy work. This can include positions as Company Chair, as well as other experience, including company secretarial and consultancy capacities.

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Any longer than this and you risk potential employers just skimming it and missing critical information. Be wary of Non-Executive Director websites that ask you to pay to register or gain access to Non-Executive roles. Her key strengths include an ability to resolve recurring problems, effectively supervising staff, helping to define goals and developing opportunities. For a particularly attractive job, you could even structure your CV so that it exactly reflects the target job spec, illustrating each required skill in a list of bullets, using your achievements as examples. Manage a 'virtual' team of senior marketing directors and specialists. In particular mention any formal Board Sub-Committees that you either Chaired or were a member of, and give dates. When you have your CV prepared by Board Direction, you can be sure that it is compliant with current industry standards, evidences your strategic achievements, emphasises your governance successes and positions you strongly for board applications. One of three candidates offered a choice of positions within the Group from a field of 20 graduates. What does your industry association network mean? Leadership abilities — this job is about leading a business or organisation.

Better yet, offer an extended CV and a summarised version. Experience as an executive at or near board level should be highlighted. For those of you who really cannot think of any board or committee experience fear not — we all have to start somewhere.

How to write a non executive director cv

Secondly, no matter how good you look, others view you through their own life contexts and you never know who you remind them of and whether that would be a flattering reflection. For example, there are committees for audit, risk and compliance, remuneration, and nomination. For those of you who really cannot think of any board or committee experience fear not — we all have to start somewhere. We hope this article has helped you ask the right questions and express the relevant aspects of your experience in the most convincing way when it comes to writing your Board CV. A major UK house builder, re-positioned by taking the product range, service offer and brand up-market and improving business processes to deliver higher quality products and industry leading customer service. Ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. This is the place to put it. This should be easy to read and stand out on the CV.

As a result, it found that pictures often hamper the readers from locating the most relevant information, like skills and experience. Here are a few good examples: A Board CV that: Suggests that you: Objectively presents your primary capability set in relation to the wider Board composition Are of independent mind, with the ability to set out an objective view on a subjective subject.

Integrity — show how you handled situations when you needed to make choices to maintain your self-worth. Career breaks are not a problem so do not try to hide them.

Writing a resume for board candidacy

Use the same structure as was used for your non-executive section — Date - Position - Company — Title - with a brief sentence below to describe what the company did and then again no more than 4 bullet points outlining your achievements and evidence of success. Those who you send the document to will know it is a resume and leaving this heading on simply takes up valuable room. Projects have included global capability audits of local teams, suppliers and structures; creation, development and implementation of marketing strategy and programmes; procurement and sourcing specialist advice for agency engagement; interim and project led support to marketing teams and CEOs. Like your resume it needs to be proofed and must be readable so I recommend no more than one page and 5 paragraphs if you are interested in this topic please see our other Board Diversity Cover Letter webinar. Leadership abilities — this job is about leading a business or organisation. However, this is only the first step and leaving it here will severely detract from any application. What value can it bring?

Devised and launched Westbury Direct — a business that offered a wider range of choice of home-related products and. This sort of approach immediately puts the reader at ease and sets them up to read the rest of your CV through the lens of you being qualified for the role.

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Your CV needs to show this. Created the creativebrief consultancy to manage more complex agency roster projects and provide strategic marketing advice to international brands.

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Key tasks :.

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