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What are some good science fiction movies? The geographical observations.

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An annotated bibliography is similar to a works cited page, but each source is followed by a paragraph that summarizes the source's claim in three or four sentences, argues for the source's authority and relevance to your question, and explains why you have chosen to use it in your research paper. To create a presentation from a full-length paper or article, you can pull out the most important parts of the article, based on the above list or based on the subheadings in your own article. Any of various types of erroneous reasoning that render arguments logically unsound. Continue refining them. Read at least five possible sources. If you see these fallacies in something you read, question them. Please skip a line between MLA works cited entries and paragraphs. Keep track of where you find them. How many months of participant observation did you complete? You should be able to go through all of the above in the first five minutes so that you can spend as much of your time as possible sharing the rich detail of your own data and analyses. Your audience is interested in your topic, and they know what pop culture is, but may not be familiar with your specific issue. For the introduction, you can use the same compelling introduction you use in your paper.

Be specific. Your annotated bibliography will need… Seven sources Each source put into MLA works cited format as in example Sources alphabetized A paragraph following each source discussing requirements on previous slide.

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What perspective does this source offer? Have your research question s checked by me. If you have never made an avatar before, what would you do if you were asked to?

How to write a research paper ppt

Once you do find a source or two, see if there are any common phrases you might add to your list. Come up with some rough questions about each of these topics. What other problems does it have? During a presentation method and data collection sections should be kept short. Your next slide should contain your research questions mentioned in your introduction as well. For the introduction, you can use the same compelling introduction you use in your paper. At first glance, why might the statement from our class example be a little bit convincing?

Remember, your research proposal needs to have your research question at the top, followed by a discussion of what is at stake, who might be affected, and what you need to find out before deciding where you stand.

You just want to illustrate the fact that your work contributes to existing research in the field.

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Logical fallacies are not always as easy to spot as the ones that I have provided for you. For example, for my science fiction and racism question, I might make the following list: Science fiction and racism Sci-fi and racism Science fiction prejudice Science fiction and race Science fiction civil rights Science fiction social justice Etc. For interview data, you can use one interview quotes for each theme you plan to highlight. In the media? What contrast is the author pointing out with his description of the hammer in paragraph 15? Notice how both of these authors paint a clear picture of the situation and thoroughly explore why the observations that have made matter. What are issues you know you will need to explore in order to find out what your claim is going to be?
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Writing A Research Paper In 10 Easy Steps