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An effective mosaic of images, text and typography, to show the reader what it really means to build a dam: From the spectacular technology to the workers, their women, even their children. The history of photography beginning starts in the early s. The great majority of early snapshots were made for personal reasons: to commemorate important events weddings, graduations, parades ; to document travels and seaside holidays Godowsky, improved this process. Also significant contribution in the development of photo technics was made by lieutenant Izmailov. In his own photographs of the s, Evans aspired to the straightforward matter-of-factness and quiet lyricism of these vernacular traditions, training his lens on small-town main streets and roadside scenes in the rural American South. In , Daniel D. They are news in newspapers, social media, and TV news.

Photo by Edel Rodriguez. This Englishman for a very long time worked on his own way of photography taking. And secondly, the hand-held camera and 35mm film, that made photography a ready-to-use tool to gather information quickly and everywhere.

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The technology of photo taking was constantly developed. We tried to make this essay on photography as clear as possible. The history of photography of the 20th century did not develop very rapidly.

photo essays 2018

Luce recognizes a new potential in photography, that goes beyond illustration. Parallel or contrast 6.

Invented photo essay
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