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Posted by Anonymous at. When terms are treated as hortatory, they are developed. What I find most interesting in regards to these screens is the way it affects individuals and their interactions with others. When he says the nature of our terms he is speaking about the way society has universally given a term meaning.

Posted by. Burke contends these screens set up a network of beliefs through which all ideas will be interpreted. Via terministic screens, the audience will be able to associate with the term or dissociate from it.

terministic screen examples

However, some could think of intersex individuals. An example of this would be when a person thinks about a football it brings other ideas related or opposite to the idea of the football.

But that is an argument for later, for another essay: an essay on another rhetorical figure…the other face of metaphor…irony.

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(PDF) THE TERMINISTIC SCREEN Rhetorical Perspectives on Film