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June Cleaver wasn't dirty, clumsy, or overtly funny. She paved the way for female comedians.

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During its six-year run, I Love Lucy's success was unmatched. It came as a surprise when Lucy was said to be "expecting" on the show I definitely know I have some sense of how to make people laugh since Im always doing it. You don't want to miscarry! In the early s, she was urged to dye her hair red by MGM and she agreed. I just have an obsession to make people laugh. A other long time friend said the next thing: "I'll tell you about Lucy. We need to put the show in the context of it's time.

Still, as the late s rolled around, Ball, who had dyed her hair red in at MGM's urging, was looking at a stagnant movie career, unable to break into the kinds of starring roles she'd always dreamed about.

I know that she definitely had her strong points as a friend and person.

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What I am is brave. In addition there were four Emmys, induction into the Television Hall of Fame and recognition for her life's work from the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. It had 2, employees, 36 sound stages, and 62 acres.

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But despite her longing to make it on the stage, Ball was too nervous to draw much notice. I just have an obsession to make people laugh.

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Visit Website "I do remember everything that happened," she said. In the early s, Ball, who had dyed her chestnut hair blonde, moved to Hollywood to seek out more acting opportunities. She was looked up to by so many young females and even males as a matter of fact. And this was while she owned and basically ran a T. In , Ball strayed from her comedic background to take on a dramatic role as a homeless woman in the made-for-TV movie Stone Pillow. Ball is likely to mold a large family around him, and she is inclined sometimes to keep them dependent longer than necessary. For the careful, career-minded Ball, who had periodically been romantically linked to a series of older men, Arnaz was something completely different: fiery, young he was just 23 when they met and with a bit of a reputation as a ladies' man. Lucille Ball didn't think she was funny, she is quoting as saying: "I'm not funny. This trait is not found in everyone. In conclusion, people have loads of different personality traits, some better then others.
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