Macbeth theatrical review

Rather than allowing fate or anyone else to decide his future, he makes the future that he desires a reality. Macduff is devastated when all he loves is taken from him igniting his rebellion against Macbeth. They fill the void left by children with their ruthless ambition for power, driven perhaps more by grief than pure nihilistic evil, clinging to one another as they head over the cliff of a psychotic break.

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Here, the three witches, a devilishly good Sarah Haas, Johnson and Rahamim, are memorable not only for their words but for their other-worldly stance. His film criticism can be read on Medium and his video reviews on a variety of topics can be viewed on Youtube at EWN Reviews.

Macbeth theatrical review

And queen. While both actors did a great job during this scene, it seemed like they were holding back. The image of blood symbolizes the treason, ambition and murder, contrasting what it meant earlier in the play. The stage is framed by several chairs, a large potted plant and a water cooler evocative of a waiting room, around which the ominous porter here a creepy caretaker lingers, keeping time and occasionally having a hand in various misdeeds. Blinded by his ambition and obsessed with gaining power over others, he gives in to the darkness within him to bring his future to fruition. Director Dawn M. Out, I say! The fight choreography throughout Macbeth, designed by Jesse Hinson, was strong overall, but needs a bit of tightening up. On the other hand, blood motifs is also used by the author in order to evoke a dramatic reaction from the audience.

Advert One result of this heavy-handedness is that the themes and plot of the play become more accessible to an audience unfamiliar with Shakespeare. A rectangle Plexiglas wall stretched almost entirely from the stage floor to the ceiling.

By bringing the image of blood on stage and making it virtually visual, from the bleeding hands to the beheaded Macbeth at the end, Shakespeare succeeds in making his play easier to relate to and for the audience to really immerse into the action, rather than just observers of a normal play.

Consider, for instance, the performances. It was clear that she was the mistress of the house and, more often than not, was in charge of not only the house and staff but of her husband.

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Her portrayal of Banquo is one of the best I have seen. Instead, they use long red ribbons, which sometimes stream down an arm, a leg, a dead body and even inside a small white material that wraps around an infant.

But her movements at times are not unlike a ballet dancer.

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Theater Review: "Macbeth"