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Many lines of this poem are enjambed, so the reader shouldn't pause but continue on. The poem implies the situation and condition that are Mexican-Americans facing.

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Nova Scotia: Fernwood Publishing, Ltd. Negative stereotypes about them being illegal immigrant, low rank worker, and having bad attitudes are believed to be true by many. The last line is again one of the odd words, normally a single word but hyphenated here to look different.

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No one wanted to be alienated from the society, so do the Mexican Americans. Theory of Literature. Who wrote that? Perry, John and Perry, Erna. It is affecting the way MexicanAmericans view themselves and how they act in the society. They are being rejected by both American and Mexican cultures. Marger, Martin N. New York: Harcourt, Brace, and Company. Ochoa, George. Then the line: American but hyphenated, and here the poem's tone changes as the speaker suggests that they may be legally working and relaxed enough to speak two languages, but they're a bit odd, like those opening couple of words. The title itself is enough to challenge logic Myers, David G. This research also applies a qualitative approach through document analysis to examine the data taken from the poem. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Nova Scotia: Fernwood Publishing, Ltd.

No one wanted to be alienated from the society, so do the Mexican Americans. Engstrom, Shelley Noel. London: Nicholas Brealey Publishing.

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Yet the legal alien is able. Metaphor A handy token The reader is aware of the two words as single entities bilingual, bicultural but sees them separated, linked only by a hyphen.

Social Psychology Thirteenth Edition.

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Raven, Betram H. How's life?.. Literary Devices in Legal Alien Alliteration When two or more words are close together in the same line and start with the same consonant: definitely different Wellek, Rene and Warren, Austin. Mermann-Jozwiak, Elisabeth and Sullivan, Nancy. New York: J. Clark, Simon and Garner, Steve. Antithesis When contrasting ideas are juxtaposed, brought together to create a tension Bloom, Edward A. London: Nicholas Brealey Publishing. London: Pluto Press.
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