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But the market trends and customers behaviors towards a specific product and their lifestyle demand the alteration in MMBC product line. Otherwise, the light beer category accounted for While the light beer market would continue to grow, Mountain Man Beer would be at risk of fading away from public conscience and due to low visibility among newer, younger consumers.

It is analyzed that the consumption age group of Lager MM is above 45 years and for MM light would be 25 to 45 and ratio between male and female is 4 to 1 in MM Lager and Lighter beer contain While Mountain Man may keep its existing customer base satisfied, that customer base is being replaced in the coming years.

By working diligently as it always has, to satisfy its new customer base, Mountain Man Light has a great potential to grow based on the reputation of the company as well as the growth in the market itself.

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In this case the introduction of the light beer to the market will be almost breakeven on the second year: This result is also good, because the company will start earning additional profit from the third year.

They used a brew recipe to create Mountain Man Lager which has a flavorful, bitter-tasting.

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Only those customers who are loyal to the MMCB brand use the alternatively lighter version of the MMBC products over the other available substitute in the marketplace.

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