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Naturally, they have conveniently ignored the fact that the archbishop also condemned leftist guerrilla violence.

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Monsignor Romero had all the qualities to be recognized as a Disciple of Jesus, and as a genuine man of God. The Catholic Church, meanwhile, prefers the version of Romero as a good and saintly man. A couple of months later, he refused an invitation to the inauguration of the new President, General Carlos Romero, a first for a Salvadoran Archbishop, and refused to meet with Government officials if they would not investigate and prosecute the crime.

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It was chasing, capturing, torturing, and killing priests who organized peasants in the rural areas, especially in the coffee farms owned by the wealthy. The number of times Romero cited Marx, Engels, Lenin, or any of the liberation theologians in his homilies was zero. Less than a year after that meeting, on March 24, , Romero became the first Catholic bishop killed in a church since Thomas Becket was murdered in Canterbury, in Three years later they were pursued and extrajudicially killed — Linares after being found in neighboring Guatemala. When Monsignor Romero was elected archbishop of San Salvador in February , many sectors of society, even within the Church itself, assumed his election with skepticism, many did not approve or believe him. Neither because of being a good preacher, preachers abound. For the ceremony, the Pope wore the bloodstained cincture that Romero had been wearing when he was killed. In October, , Karol Wojtyla, a Polish Cardinal who had heroically resisted the Nazi occupation and guided the Church of Poland under the attacks of a communist regime, became John Paul II, a Pope ill-prepared to understand the situation on the other side of the Atlantic, where the oppressive military regimes were not communists but rightists—supported not by Moscow but by the other Cold War power, the United States.

Romero, they argue, acted strictly based on the Gospels. How to understand now that the one who is reviled and denigrated is recognized by one of the greatest Churches in the world, as a holy man, a man of God and an example of faith?

Amidst this growing bloodshed, Archbishop Romero called for peace and for the cessation of violence and for an end to economic injustice. According to canon lawmartyrs require only one miracle for sainthood rather than the standard two. Maybe this canonization can begin to unite Salvadorans into one single narrative.

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He gave much importance to the unity of the episcopate and, remembering again his times in Poland, said this was the main problem, to keep the episcopal unity. Yet the death squads, the military, and the wealthy financiers of his killing all professed to be followers of Christ.

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Every Sunday, when Romero celebrated Mass in the cathedral, Salvadorans who could not attend tuned in to the radio station that broadcast his homilies. On the day of the funeral, the poet and writer Miguel Huezo Mixco was on the balcony of the cathedral. They say that they have God to thank for all their possessions never mind their corruption, exploitation of the poor, repression, impunity, and historical position as the effective owners of the state. While no one has been prosecuted in El Salvador for the assassination, Major Roberto D'Aubuisson, a former death squad leader and founder of the right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance party, or ARENA, is widely seen as being the one who ordered the assassination of Romero. The different sectors of society must say a word. The guard, whom Gibb identified as "Jorge," purported to have witnessed Linares fraternizing with the group, which was nicknamed the "Little Angels," and to have heard them praise Linares for the killing. The country is still deeply divided between the rightist and leftist political forces that emanated from its civil war, in the nineteen-eighties, and Romero, identified with the poor, was a divisive figure who declared war on inequality and a criminal military regime. It was a radical change, a revolution. It is my understanding that the Salvadorian society, its government, its justice system must rectify their attitude towards Monsignor Romero, because he is still not recognized as who he is, and worse still, the abominable crime committed in him continues to be maintained in impunity. Monsignor Romero lived his ministry with humility and simplicity, and with an unwavering coherence with The Gospel of the Realm of God.

And the twelve-year war engulfed El Salvador. Who was Oscar Romero? Among them there is a great sincerity, but they are preyed on by the other sectors I have mentioned. Obviously, the liberation theology proponents always visited him and left him their books.

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The Beatification of Óscar Romero