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Keep up with the CityLab Daily newsletter. Philly Painting, as the project is known, is "a neighborhood beautification project of unprecedented scale," according to its website.

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Overlaying the map of most littered and fast-deteriorating corridors in Philly against the map of where rising homicide and violence rates occur provides us with practical insights and low-hanging fruit solutions to the latter problem.

Short Dumping And Junkyards Some good news is that both Mayor and City Council do seem headed in the correct direction as far as neighborhood cleaning and enhancement goes.

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That, it appears to me, is exactly what Philly Painting is doing. Yeah, Really… Philly, with its vast spread of Fairmount Park, bills itself as a very green city. The map of deadliest or most dangerous neighborhoods in Philly is nearly identical to the piling up of trash and other factors disintegrating quality of life.

The Mayor is also set to embark on a pilot street sweeping program targeting trash-strewn hoods based on accumulated data.

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Courtesy of Philly Painting Courtesy of Philly Painting As I have written beforeI believe strongly that a thriving inner-city cultural environment contributes to a healthy economic and social environment, which in turn produces significant benefits to the things we value in our natural environment: this is because the most effective antidote to the kind of sprawling outward development that has consumed our landscape, polluted our waterways and escalated harmful emissions across the US over the past half-century is a strengthening of our existing communities.

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