Police reforms of lord cornwallis

Fair treatment was given to weavers and Indian workers. By the judicial reforms of Cornwallis took the final shape and were embodied in the famous Cornwallis Code.

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With only three or four European functionaries in a district, which often contained a million of inhabitants, the machine of government must have stood still without the services of natives. Charles Grant, who had passed many years of his life in India, and combined the largest experience with the most enlightened views — though he had not been considered worthy a place among the Directors — was invited to assist Mr.

The Faujdari Adalats of the districts were abolished and in their place four circuit courts were established at Dacca, Patna, Calcutta and Murshidabad. The zillah judges were likewise invested with the powers of a magistrate, and authorized to pass and execute sentences in trivial offences, and, in other cases, to apprehend the delinquent and commit him for trial before the judges of circuit.

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He found that the servants of the Company were underpaid. Cornwallis was prompted by a strong sense of public duty and enjoyed the respect as well as the confidence of his fellow countrymen. Of all the provisions of the new system this proved to be the most baneful. Sir John Shore succeeded Cornwallis as Governor General and his administration was uneventful. It obliged the Governor- General to make a thorough enquiry into the usages, tenures and rents prevalent in Bengal. Dundee was thus enabled to ask the House, with an air of triumph, whether they were prepared to stop the tide of this prosperity, for a mere theory. Before this concession, the zemindars, from the highest to the lowest, had been mere tenants at will, liable at any time to be deprived by the state landlord of the estates they occupied. A grand suite of tents was pitched in the vicinity of the town, and the Peshwa proceeded to them with the greatest pomp. The settlement of the land revenue was, therefore, a question of the greatest magnitude, and embraced, not only the financial strength of the state, but the prosperity of its subjects. By the time of his departure in his work on the penal code, known in India as the Cornwallis Code , was substantially complete. The essence of the arrangement they came up with in the summer of was that the zamindars would effectively become hereditary landholders, paying the company tax based on the value of the land. The main features of the Permanent Settlement were as follows: The zamindars of Bengal were recognized as the owners of land as long as they paid the revenue to the East India Company regularly. He may be regarded the parent of the Indian Administrative Service and founder of an efficient and clean system of administration. Treaty of Srirangapattinam Terms of the treaty were as follows Tipu had to give up half his dominions He had to pay a war indemnity of three crore rupees and surrender two of his sons as hostages to the English Both sides agreed to release the prisoners of war The Treaty of Srirangapattinam is a significant event in the history of South India. They saw only through the eyes of their omlas, or native officers, whose sole object was to mystify them, in order the more effectually to plunder the country.

Ismael Beg turned with horror from the sight of these atrocities, and on receiving the promise of a jageer, entered the service of Sindia, who advanced to Delhi, reseated the emperor on the throne, and did everything that humanity could suggest, to alleviate the sorrows of the old man, then in his sixty-fifth year.

The judges tried all civil cases in the districts.

Police reforms of lord cornwallis

The company's directors gave Cornwallis the task of coming up with a taxation scheme that would meet the company's objectives without being an undue burden on the working men of its territories. The collectors were deprived of their judicial powers and their work became merely the collection of revenue. Shore, and partly by their own convictions, adopted a contrary opinion; but, as a body, they could not be persuaded to give their attention to the measure. Before this concession, the zemindars, from the highest to the lowest, had been mere tenants at will, liable at any time to be deprived by the state landlord of the estates they occupied. He persuaded the Directors of the Company to pay handsome salaries to the Company servants in order that they might free themselves from commercial and corrupting activities. On his arrival there, he found that Colonel Brathwaite had proceeded to invest Pondicherry, and that, in consequence of the insubordination of the French troops, the governor had been obliged to capitulate a few days before. He separated the judiciary from executive as a result equal justice could be dispensed to all the people. Lord Cornwallis had earnestly recommended the augmentation of the European force in India, to give greater security to our position, and the Board of Control therefore determined that the regiments should be sent out. They are even said to have colluded with dacoits and shared their loot.

If the peculiar nature of British rule rendered it necessary to retain all political and military power in the hands of Europeans, this was no reason for denying the natives every opportunity of rising to distinction in the judicial departments, for which they were eminently qualified by Page 39 their industrious habits, and their natural sagacity, not less than by the knowledge they possessed of the language and character of their fellow-countrymen.

Cornwallis, after having his oaths of office administered, immediately announced his intention to occupy the residence. He arrived at the capital on the 11th of June,and in order to exhibit his influence over the imperial house, as well as to gratify the feelings of the Hindoos, he published an edict he had extorted from the emperor, forbidding the slaughter of bullocks and cows throughout the Mogul dominions.

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