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The hardcopy version turned in to the Undergraduate Administrator and electronic submission to Mudd Library are what counts for purposes of satisfying requirements for graduation. When you have a tentative topic in mind, start by reading some of the literature, ideally at the Scientific American level, in order to understand the highlights and context of the work you'll embark on.

Choosing your adviser carefully is important. Give us a simple description of the area of scholarship your thesis falls in. By front matter, we mean everything prior to the main content of the thesis.

They have been where you are now, and they can help you get where you are trying to go. Too often the speaker is talking only to the blackboard, or only to one person, and this should be avoided!

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Alternative grading rubric Students wishing to branch out and work on a senior thesis topic that is mostly or entirely outside of physics will have their theses graded using an alternative grading rubric customized to their field of work, provided they receive approval from the senior committee of a proposal submitted in hardcopy to the Undergraduate Administrator no later than 3pm on the fourth Monday of the fall term. Finding and using mathematical references to compile relevant material for a talk or paper is also a skill that students will get experience with while participating in a junior seminar. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the former comes first. Try to get at least a little bit out of each talk you go to; an excellent mathematician once remarked to me that he was satisfied if he could come away from a talk with a single sentence of new knowledge: this is a bit extreme, but the general idea is important. Your adviser will likely suggest at least one project at your first meeting, or over e-mail beforehand. Each participant will work independently on this final paper, on a topic of the participant's choosing. Even if you have previously identified your second reader, e. Be that as it may, figure out how often meeting with your adviser is productive; once a week is standard, but some professors prefer biweekly meetings. Adviser's name. It is written in a professional style with only minor flaws.

You will also want to prepare for your meetings so as to get the most out of them. To keep up with the course overall, you will want to do the assigned readings, even those that are for talks other than your own.

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In short, new research results are desirable but not required for even the highest grades; rather, scholarly substance is the key. Even if you have previously identified your second reader, e. Writing About a month before the university deadline for submission of junior independent work usually the day after the start of reading period , the seminar leader will suggest a list of possible topics for a final short paper of pages. Clarity and mathematical precision are important factors in the quality of exposition. If you have more material, prioritize it and put extra material at the end as backup slides. A lot of this will be uncertain, especially at the start, but thinking about these issues will help remove that uncertainty. Fall Term Draft A draft of content to be included in your senior thesis must be turned in to the Undergraduate Administrator by pm on the Friday before Dean's Date of fall term. Binding the hardcopy is common but not required. The requirements when turning in your senior thesis are somewhat detailed; please consult the section entitled Grading. Junior papers tend to be more substantial in both length and content than papers written during junior seminars. To keep yourself productive during structured time, it helps to focus on concrete tasks e. Covington Prize in Mathematics, awarded for excellence in mathematics the Middleton Miller '29 Prize, awarded for the best independent work in mathematics the Peter A. The document should be written in full sentences and paragraphs, in the style you intend for the final version of your senior thesis. You must communicate your choice of adviser and topic to the Undergraduate Administrator by the third Monday of the fall term.

Accordingly, there are many ways to get involved in mathematical research. The thesis addresses a topic in physics but without the depth expected for senior independent work. The library also contains bound copies of all senior theses.

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