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Related posts:. France did not establish truly equal and friendly relationship with the United States, either. The country can formulate a sound economic policy; it can build big dams and establish industries for its prosperity.

List four disadvantages of federalism for democracy

They required the government to abolish all unreasonable policies. On a hot June day, more than former Revolutionary War soldiers stationed in Pennsylvania revolted. Why is having a strong central government good? The Blockage of Nationalist Policies by States — States can fight against the existence of certain national laws by challenging them in court, or going out of their way to not enforce those national laws, or even deliberately obstructing enforcement of national laws. Families and individuals will not be able to consider the options of how they will live with a strong national government because it will limit their choices. Counterarguments to the Negatives of Federalism: The Protection of Slavery and Segregation — My argument against this is that the ability for a national government to share its power with state powers is a completely separate issue than the issue of slavery — that the U. Similar is the case with India and other countries. The chaotic domestic situation and foreign threats impelled this newborn country to take measures. High seas freedom was important to many of the states, both those with shipping interests such as Massachusetts and those with agricultural, and hence export, interests such as Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia, but the Confederation could not threaten the British over their high-handed unilateralism regarding the high seas.

Whether it be rights to bear arms or the making the legal driving age to Worst of all, the central government had no powers of taxation and trade regulation, so the domestic economy deteriorated. These measures later saved the new regime. When the Congress asked Pennsylvania to send a detachment of militia to protect them, the state refused, and the humiliated Congress temporarily relocated.

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To pay the interest and principal of the debt, the Congress had twice proposed an amendment to the Articles granting them the power to lay a five percent duty on imports, but amendments required the consent of all thirteen states. The state legislature had voted to pay off the state's Revolutionary War debt in three years; between andtaxes on land rose more than 60 percent.

Demerits of federal government

The period after the Revolutionary War was characterized by economic depression and political crisis for the reason that all of the thirteen states were loosely bound together only by the Articles of Confederation written in by John Dickson and ratified in Localism made them set barriers to goods from other states, thus trade between states could not develop. The Great Britain was unwilling to secede from America and maintained a number of forts in the Northwest boundary of the United States. I support the system of federalism, agreeing with the benefits, and doing my best to give counterarguments to the disadvantages, in order to negate them. Racing to the Bottom — One argument given is that states will compete with each other in an oppositional way, by reducing the amount of benefits they give to welfare recipients compared to, say, a neighboring state, motivating the undesirables to go to the neighboring state, thereby reducing their welfare costs even more. Federal laws affect an entire country. The Congress had no power to tax or to regulate trade; its primary functions were foreign relations, Indian affair, and western lands. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? States still have some level of autonomy the create their own laws as long as they don't abrogate federal law or the constitution , but the states are subservient to the federal government in many important matters. However, none of these laws proved effective. For example, in most states there were creditors-men who had lent money to governments or private individuals. Each state wanted to protect its own economic interests, thus very common were such conflicts between states.

Led by Daniel Shays, a Revolutionary War veteran, western Massachusetts farmers marched first for Worcester where they closed the courthouse and destroyed the tax documents, then turned west to Springfield where they broke into the jail to free imprisoned debtors.

Local governments have also separate rights and the councils elected by the people run the local administration.

Discuss the merit and demerit of the federal system of government

If state governments had the authority to implement laws, they would be able to implement laws almost immediately without having to get the consent of the federal government. This convention hammered out a document defining distinct powers for the central government capable of forcing the individual states to take unified steps and really controlling the fate of the United States. In March , when Washington's troops were stationed in Newburgh by the Hudson River, the discontented soldiers drafted Newburgh Address to express their desire for good living condition and democracy, and considered military action against the Confederation Congress. This affects the huge population of people who had nothing to do with this situation besides having purchased a gun. A strong state government thinks about the people whereas a strong federal government thinks about the country as a whole and estimates people. Most Americans witnessed a Confederation government incapable of controlling the money supply, of paying debts, or of regulating and encouraging foreign and domestic commerce. In order to suppress the newborn country politically and economically, it blockaded the coastlines of the United States with its strong fleet, and forbade American people to trade with the West Indies. Sometimes the states refused to give the government the money it needed, and they engaged in tariff wars with one another, almost paralyzing interstate commerce. Carrying muskets, they marched into the Philadelphia statehouse where the Congress was meeting. To pay the interest and principal of the debt, the Congress had twice proposed an amendment to the Articles granting them the power to lay a five percent duty on imports, but amendments required the consent of all thirteen states. In this chaotic condition, most Americans expected to establish a new government so that their rights and interests could be protected. When it comes to the system of federalism that we practice in the United States, there are many advantages as well as disadvantages.
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Pros & Cons: Central government