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Requirements to open a pharmacy

Purchase records of the refrigerator. India has a glorious tradition of natural medicines as our Vedas and Samhitas provide several sources of healing. Once employed, the person cannot do any other jobs. Declaration form in the format prescribed. Giving promotional gifts for a certain amount of purchase can also help with promotion of your shop. Also Read:. Collaboration with clinics and hospitals Local clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes are the customers of wholesale pharmacy business. As one may offer exciting discounts and credit facilities also. Hope it may help in settling the thoughts in your head:- Query1: A Doctor working in a reputed medical college.

After completing all requirements, one has to visit drug inspector office and has to file the application for granting medical store and drug store. To sum up, you need stock worth Rs.

Pharmacy business in india

Cold Storage Facility: Most importantly, the store must have a refrigerator on the premises. All the pharmacies stores are required to Gst registration and pay GST taxes. Pharmacy business is an evergreen business in India that is not affected by the economic cycles. Is it going to be a sole proprietorship firm, private limited company, or a partnership firm? Here, are some example to settle the issue, how much investment you need to put in are; Suppose you set up with rented shop, commercial rent shall be from Rs. Here is a list of some of the important documents that you would require to submit to the Drug Control Department of the state in order to setup your drug store: A covering letter that specifies the purpose of the application duly signed by the applicant. Fee challan.

Drug license for setting up a pharmacy business is usually under the Authority of the State Drugs Standard Control Organization. In any case, this competent person can either be: A registered pharmacist approved by the pharmacy department or A graduate with 1 yr experience in dealing in drugs or A person who has passed S.

The drug license will carry the name of the pharmacist or competent person.

Medical shop business investment

Other additional documents, if mandatory. You may also need, full time working hand that will cost between Rs. Types of customers a pharmacy wholesale business serves Clinical drug store, standalone drug store and chain drug store are different varieties of pharmacy wholesale businesses. Chain drug store: Chain drug store is the franchise of a big drug company. Start your wholesale pharmacy business after completing the formalities and reap big profits. Fee challan. And his wife is a gynaecologist and she is in a private sector. Legal procedure As per the rules, anybody who is graduated in pharmacy and carries the experience of one year in the field can apply for wholesale pharma business. The license procedure is almost the same across all the states in the country, though some states would have a slightly different procedure. Hence, many people start a wholesale pharmacy business in India.

This decision would largely be based on where you see your business in the coming years. Thus, setting up pharmacy i. Once employed, the person cannot do any other jobs.

Where you would like to setup your store is very important.

cost of opening a pharmacy in india
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How to start a medical store/pharmacy business