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This joint venture demonstrates the powerful potential of LinkedIn groups. In this post, we look at some of the best case studies out there on social media, and pick out a few lessons to be learned. For example, their new Casper Sleep Channel is filled with soothing sounds that help their customers drift soundly to sleep.

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It makes sense that you should follow the right people on Twitter, and get selective for example. This case study goes in depth to find out how the clothing company uses the platform to engage with fans. Visuals — Square Sayings You know the old adage: a picture is worth 1, words. When you hover over an author's picture, his or her bio and a fun picture display.

Square Sayings is a visual representation of one such brand. TechCrunchan online tech publication, uses theirs as a digital digest of sorts. Enable social sharing on all of your content. Get Facebook Ads Training—Online! Development of Content and Growth Strategy Usually, once the research is done amateurs dive straight into managing their social media campaign.

MoonPie continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of humorous content throughout their Twitter feed.

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9 Incredible Social Media Case Studies Every Small Business Should Know About