Strategies for marketing of indian village

Hence, a whole-India roll out requires multiple strong partnerships resulting in growing partner management overhead costs. They are also ready to make a change in the crops that they have been growing traditionally in their farms and are willing to grow crops which give them more income.

Tiger was available from Rs 1 sachet that attracted rural customers as well as it provided many flavors and cream biscuits. These farmers and their families should able to do all the farming works by themselves.

The traditional rural family members are not extending any unsolicited help to each other that they provided in the past, especially during celebrations. For some instance, rural consumers will not use refrigerators for storing fruits and vegetables because they pluck these from their farms when they require, but they may have surplus milk that they may need to preserve.

Next Page The concept of rural marketing differs from different things to different persons who are active participants in marketing. Companies now provide ice boxes to retailers of remote areas for storage of cold drinks, ice creams etc.

Those who want the service can buy an RML Direct Card which is available in over 4, retail outlets. Professional services would now be required in most of the rural areas very soon. The communication Strategy focused on getting women out of their homes to participate in the van campaign, which was aimed exclusively for them and for the first time conducted by women.

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Rural family members are likely to become isolated just as the urban families in the near future.

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Rural Marketing Strategies