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As a chain of so many retail stores, Tanglewood is facing staff inflow and outflow everyday. Overstaffing specific positions may be profitable for Tanglewood.

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Tanglewoods goal is to expand their company further and attract more clients. Because the corporate staffing function has not been strong, in the short-term, Tanglewood should seek is to implement new policies and procedures that will centralize the human resources staffing strategy and create staffing operations efficiencies. There is no doubt that they are the right person to fit in some of the jobs in the company. The paper will discuss the staffing strategies required by Tanglewood in order to maintain its corporate culture and niche market while remaining competitive. Tanglewood Casebook. It is necessary for Tanglewood to get more global employees involved in the expansion of its global market. The store also distinguishes itself by its simple, elegant, and uncluttered design concepts for the store and their in-house products. By training existing employees to be managers, Tanglewood will be able to teach them a style of management that they feel is in line with the its mission and vision.

For the short-term, the company should continue to peruse a national staffing strategy for these stores. Straight talks, profit sharing, and weekly meeting jointly create a free working environment for the employees Mueller, By allowing the company to become diverse, they can monitor if the culture changes, and how the current employees accept diversity.

Exceptional or acceptable workforce quality

When it comes to the existing stores, developing talent seems to be the best choice. If we focus just on exceptional workers, there many good workers that may not be hired, but may be very beneficial to Tanglewood. Recruiters influenced by the organizational culture are the best people to select the right people for the right jobs. Initially it operated as a single store and as years went by, as the business developed from to , the business had grown substantially with a strong base of employee participation, customer satisfaction, and profitability. Some of our locations have growing Hispanic communities. Outsourcing also is a costly option. Acquire or Develop Talent Case 1: Staffing Tanglewood has a very unique strategy encouraging all of its employees to be selfsufficient and voice their opinions when they have ideas for improving the company. Tanglewood is known for their employee input and contributions. Penchiala, with our suggestions. Reserve of talent is an everlasting mission in the development of the company. So, Tanglewood needs employees who adapt to the corporative culture and perform different tasks. Overstaff or Understaff Tanglewood is overstaffed.

As Racquel Campbell Case 1: Staffing the company expands, many changes will take place. It will take Tanglewood a period of time to reduce the number of staff.

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As discussed in the organizational cultures, Tanglewood emphasizes team concept.

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Tanglewood Case 1