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Enjoyed the pictures of Cancun. I remember the first day I met with Matt inI walked in nervous and unsure and walked out feeling comforted and hopeful. I never thought I would get everything I wanted.

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I left feeling empowered and with the knowledge I needed to proceed with the divorce. We were always informed, sometimes daily; if needed. Texas also has a type of divorce called uncontested divorce. Matt went above and beyond to take care of everything. Annual number of divorces from the start of the 20th century in England and Wales, and the proportions granted to husbands and wives. Your wealth of knowledge about family law made me realize that I had chosen representation correctly. I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me through all of this. Craig and his staff went over and beyond their duties to keep me informed. I just want you to know how much your help and support have meant to me. I would highly recommend Craig. When my husband asked me for a divorce I was terrified because I was a stay at home mom with two small children. During this emotional and challenging time you exhibited nothing but the most professional behavior. You were a steady source of emotional encouragement and the light at the end of the tunnel.

When you think you are ready to be more informed through customized analysis, the best thing we offer is to sit with you in person or over a conference call to educate you and think through your goals and a plan to accomplish them. I just wanted to share a few photos from our trip to Disney World.

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I have so many priceless memories from this trip. Thank you for keeping me in the present and not letting me linger in the past during our conversations.

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Unfortunately for you, I will never leave you.

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Types of Divorce in Texas