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Reflection through silvering is widespread or dominant in fish of the open sea, especially those that live in the top metres. Otherwise, no significant differences were obtained when comparing lead and zinc concentrations of the sediment samples between stations.

Samples were prepared and classified according to fish organs as sedimental samples, liver samples, scale samples and gonad samples and then lead and zinc levels were measured in them. Over the past six years, the NTU team behind this research has been focussed on ways to convert low-value, unmarketable aquaculture waste to higher-value resource.

Not only is collagen itself a promoter of wound healing, it also offers promise as a carrier of drugs that can enhance wound healing, such as growth factors. The highest accumulation of Ni and Zn was detected in ovary followed by liver, gill and kidney of the fish.

Fish scales for wound healing

Darafsh, A. Some species of flatfishes have ctenoid scales on the eyed side and cycloid scales on the blind side, while other species have ctenoid scales in males and cycloid scales in females. Placoid scales cannot grow in size, but rather more scales are added as the fish increases in size. The team's findings have caught the attention of international collagen-based biomedical product manufacturing companies, who are interested in using non-mammalian sources to overcome biological and cultural drawbacks associated with bovine and porcine collagen. The results obtained from Nasser Lake study in showed that of all the fish parts, fish liver accumulated the highest levels of Cu and Zn. It has been shown that during the process of cell differentiation and interaction , the level of ApoE transcription is high, which has led to the conclusion that this protein is important for the late development of scales. Health A Tox. Table 1: Variation of lead and zinc concentration in fish scales at sampling stations Table 2: Variation of lead and zinc concentration in fish livers at sampling stations Table 3: Variation of zinc concentration in the male gonad of fish at sampling stations Table 4: Variation of average lead and zinc concentration in fish scales at sampling stations Table 5: Variation of average lead and zinc concentration in the studied tissues Results of correlation tests show that fish scale is a better index of zinc content than liver and gonad in addition; fish scale is a better index of lead content than gonad. Consideration of relative coefficient factor between liver lead concentration in and its concentration in fish scales small sized group showed a high relevancy in p Considering the studied cases, the following conclusion can be drawn: Scales can be a more suitable index for showing zinc content than the liver and female gonad and male gonad and a more suitable index for showing lead content than male gonad. Scute comes from Latin for shield, and can take the form of: an external shield-like bony plate, or a modified, thickened scale that often is keeled or spiny, or a projecting, modified rough and strongly ridged scale, usually associated with the lateral line, or on the caudal peduncle forming caudal keels, or along the ventral profile. One variety is traded as " sharklet ". The lowest concentration of Nickel and Zinc in the muscle tissue and also determined the highest contamination of the fish with these chemicals to be occurring in the southwest followed by south center and southeast Caspian Sea Fazeli et al. The corset works as an outer skeleton, providing attachment for their swimming muscles and thus saving energy. Surfaces that mimic the skin of sharks have also been used in order to keep microorganisms and algae from coating the hulls of submarines and ships. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

In sediment, mean metal levels were generally higher than pre-dredging levels in sediment, when compared to available predredging recorded by Obasohan and Oronsaye and Obasohan et al.

Sympatry with crayfish resulted in lower chub length-at-age and mass-at-age in half of the rivers sampled, with no change detected in the other rivers.

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In a related project to the one on fish scales, the scientists have found bullfrog skins to also be a good source of collagen. In bony fishes, the scales along the lateral line have central pores that allow water to contact the sensory cells.

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Scientists discover fish scale