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Parental influence on career choice pdf

The parents may desire what they think is good or best for their ward. For more project materials. Guidance and counselling: A functional approach by Oladela J. However, even children of higher intelligence and social status were more likely to plan for college if encouraged by their parents Gottfredson, One l l-year-old girl visited the fire station where her father was the sergeant. Exploration stage this is a stage exploration relating to work and tentative career choice implementation etc. Among these seven elements, gender and values were included. While defiance was not discussed, it was recommended that parents allow their children some separateness in order to explore their identity and how this fits with their career aspirations. While not overtly stated, studies seemed to suggest that this was not a positive influence on a child's career exploration. As a result, they seek acceptance by adopting parental values and living out their career aspirations. The concept that parent-child alienation is a usual feature of adolescence is a myth" p. These can be differentiated by the way in which the individual translate his impulse, and wants into occupations choice. Instead, Ginzberg said that the family was not doing enough and had developed too much of a "laissez-faire attitude" by saying to children: "You make any choice you want.

Three public and two private secondary school, the schools are: - Useh secondary School, Useh. The same is also true in reverse, according to Lankard. While current research reports on the influences of both mothers and fathers, there is still an imbalance on the effects of daughters and sons.

Still it is helpful to hear how others. Help them to discover their innate talents and skills.

Role of parents in career choice pdf

Nucci After reviewing four case studies in regard to his theory, Havighurst noted that, "By age 10, it was clear to the practiced eye that Olayinka Stresses that parent sometimes censoriously set up standard worthy of emulation for their children and this motivated them to be achievement oriented Roe States that , that choice of career among students is partly influenced by the behaviours of their parent towards the particular child and the condition of the home environment. Fathers, on the other hand, consistently appeared to encourage technical fields such as engineering Simpson, This sometimes leads to students waywardness, secrete cult involvement, armed robbery and so on. Therefore, choice of career is not based on their interest and value towards that career. Son's day. Oladele Observed that secondary school students need right decision on choice of career as. As parents, be open and honest about communicating with your teen concerning fields in which he excels. Weinshenker, M. Parental impact can be both positive or negative in nature.

Many adults underestimate their children's intuitive capabilities Jacobsen, Unencumbered by family issues, cultural roles racism classism and sexism. Is your choice of career based on your knowledge of that career? Journal of Career Development, 27 2

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The effects of parental influence on their children’s career choices