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The inscription states that Heliodorus is a Bhagvatena, and a couplet in the inscription closely paraphrases a Sanskrit verse from the Mahabharata. Rasa Lila painting. In: P. For decades they have each taught in their respective traditions: Sharon in the path of Buddhist Insight Meditation and Lovingkindness practice, and Krishna Das in the path of Bhakti Yoga. Further, Balarama's face is white, Jagannath's icon is dark, and Subhadra icon is yellow. Krishna's Youth and Education Krishna then returned to Mathura, his birthplace, and killed his wicked maternal uncle King Kamsa along with all his cruel associates and liberated his parents from jail. As a child he was reputed to be very mischievous, stealing curd and butter and playing pranks with his girl friends or gopis. Published on May 1st, by stoka-krishna-dasa Full size image 59 Lord Chaitanya Defeats the Buddhists Having made their plot, the Buddhists brought a plate of untouchable food before Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and called it maha-prasada. He, in turn, instructed Ikshwaku , the father of India 's solar warrior dynasty. As gurudaksina or tuition fees, he restored Sandipani's dead son to him. According to the epic poem Mahabharata, Krishna becomes Arjuna's charioteer for the Kurukshetra War , but on the condition that he personally will not raise any weapon. Whether he was a human being or a God-incarnate, there is no gainsaying the fact that he has been ruling the hearts of millions for over three millennia. Krishna took birth at midnight on the Ashtami or the 8th day of the Krishnapaksha or dark fortnight in the Hindu month of Shravan August-September. How to live in a more connected way?

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According to the epic poem Mahabharata, Krishna becomes Arjuna's charioteer for the Kurukshetra Warbut on the condition that he personally will not raise any weapon.

There he [saw] Krishna again, this time playing with dice with his beloved and with Uddhava Krishna, according to another popular myth, lifted the Govardhana hill up with his little finger and held it like an umbrella to protect the people of Vrindavana from the torrential rain caused by Lord Indra, who had been annoyed by Krishna.

Thereafter, Narada entered another residence of Krishna's wives, O dear king, desiring to witness the yogamaya of the Lord of the lords of yoga Please be careful not to become impure even in thoughtas also in speech and action; always try to do good to others as far as in you lies.

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The amorous relationship between Sri Krishna and the Gopi is the symbol of relationship between the creator and the human beings.

Krishna's Childhood Days Krishna made cowherdesses happy by the bliss of his cosmic dances and the soulful music of his flute.

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Balarama taught both Duryodhana of the Kauravas and Bhima of the Pandavas the art of fighting with a mace. Jagannath is identifiable from his circular eyes compared to oval of Shubhadra and almond shaped eyes of the abstract icon for Balarama.

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Moreover, for the sake of republican credo of electing the capable King irrespective of whether he is elder, Krishna took part in the great war of Mahabharata on the side of Pandavas , who were the sons of younger brother, Pandu of Hastinapur. Even when he is battling with a serpent to protect others, he is described in Hindu texts as if he were playing a game. Which other religion has its God say, as Krishna does in the Bhagavad Gita , 'All paths lead to me' Krishna[ edit ] Whatever one makes of a few slight references to Krishna in texts that are probably older than the Mahabharata , and of the many efforts to imagine him prior to his literary debut in the epic , the Mahabharata is the first text to portray him as both divine and human , and to conceive of his humanity and divinity in a forceful and complex scale. He reinstates Kamsa's father, Ugrasena as the king of the Yadavas and becomes a leading prince at the court. Later, however, they began to plot against the Lord. When Kamsa tries to kill the newborn, the exchanged baby appears as the Hindu goddess Durga , warning him that his death has arrived in his kingdom, and then disappears, according to the legends in the Puranas. In the middle of the war, Krishna delivered his famous advice, which forms the crux of the Bhagavad Gita, in which he put forward the theory of 'Nishkam Karma' or action without attachment. During the same period he also killed Kali Nag cobra de capello and made the holy water of river Yamuna poison free. They knew that Yadavas could establish Krishna Raj again and hence it had become necessary to drive wedge, a divide between Krishna and Yadavas.
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