The physical aspects of thought processes and memories

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These aspects are important in terms of maintenance of PE practice and in order to gain benefits for brain and behavior, and they are affected by individual characteristics. Moreover, there is a convergence of many kinds of research on some of the rules that govern learning.

This is a bit speculative.

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Even so, extrapolating from the recent rate of increase and from today's highest known speeds of computer processing, Terrence Sejnowski estimates that an artificial device approximating the human brain cannot be expected before at least the year Stressful life experiences can also cause repression of memories where a person moves an unbearable memory to the unconscious mind.

Cognitive science differs from cognitive psychology in that algorithms that are intended to simulate human behavior are implemented or implementable on a computer.

Physical evidence that indirectly supports this model has come recently from Eric Kandel's work with Aplysia.

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Beside frequency and duration over time, even the intensity is a parameter to be considered when evaluating the PE effects. As a result of this interplay between assimilation and accommodation, thought develops through a sequence of stages that differ qualitatively from each other in mode of representation and complexity of inference and understanding. Research has shown that direct injections of cortisol or epinephrine help the storage of recent experiences. The necessary presence of a target was the first similarity that Kandel and his collaborators noticed between the processes of structural change that accompany long-term memory, or learning, and those of development. Physical exercise and wellbeing There are consistent evidences that PE has many benefits for people of any age, improving psychological wellbeing Zubala et al. However, there are evidenced that documented that even anaerobic activity has positive effects on treatment of clinical depression Martinsen, Most of these problems are so complex that they have yet to be formulated in explicit terms by computer scientists, which is why machines that can perceive and move and communicate as animals do—and perform all these functions at once—are still largely the stuff of science fiction. The perception of sign language depends on parallel visual perception of shape, relative spatial location, and movement of the hands—a very different type of perception than the auditory perception of spoken language Bellugi,

Connections underlying the synthesis of cognition, memory, and emotion in primate prefrontal cortices. The hippocampus is important for explicit memory.

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8 Learning, Recalling, and Thinking