The thirteen moral virtues of benjamin franklin for living a righteous life

Ben franklins 13 virtues translated

He also assumed that what one should do in any given situation, the kind of action "good habits" would dictate, would be easy to identify. Can any one person be perfect? The hope was that the work of previous weeks would trickle forward as he went through the cycle. He does not say when anyone sins, but if anyone sins. Though he was God come in the flesh, he demonstrated God's intent for human life by living as a vessel to contain and express the life of life of his Father. Attend to each part of your business to succeed. My hope is you will find the information presented here sufficiently provocative to motivate you to develop your own method for measuring your virtuous process. His virtues helped him to succeed and are as relevant then as they are today. Hell yes! The most egregious to me is blaming God. The apostle Peter, before listing qualities such as moral excellence, knowledge, self control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love, prefaces these qualities by exhorting us to "become partakers of the divine nature" 2 Pet. Bountiful Father! And, even while he was absorbed in his many vocations and avocations, he also devoted considerable time to soul searching and the regular examination of his own moral code.

To dedicate this project, he wrote, "And conceiving God to be the fountain of wisdom, I thought it right and necessary to solicit his assistance for obtaining it," praying, "O powerful Goodness!

I do not want to over-parse this verse, but Paul was not alive before the law came; he merely felt alive and lived in self-exuberance before the law exposed his besetting sin-covetousness.

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Be Thoughtful — Thoughtfulness expressed is worth more than treasures given. This is essential to any habit development.

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Paul, determined for perfection, found it in union with the life of God, the only perfect person, whereas Franklin lived in the delusion of having at least partially perfected himself, excusing himself by lowering the bar. Franklin learned the importance of listening at his self organized junto club meetings. Not a Christian per se, most Franklin scholars found him, however, to be moderate in his attitude toward them. Not only does Satan hide from us that God must keep the law in us as we walk by faith, he hides his role as the spirit of error 1 John. I read and listen to books and podcasts, converse with my people, watch TV, traverse the Internet, and advance my technological skills in a regulated way and on a daily basis. This "Adam" with whom the narrator identifies, becomes at. Be Adventurous — Try most things once, some things twice and many things never again. Men respond to thoughtfulness as well. In relationship to my tenure as a human being, I will die soon. The hope was that the work of previous weeks would trickle forward as he went through the cycle. The will may break, but if the spirit of a man breaks, preservation gives way to disorder and confusion. A lot of people fuss about baptism, arguing about how to apply the water, when God does not care about water, He cares about us knowing we are in Christ and Christ is in us-as well as how that came about. Though no one has ever accused me of living dangerously, I am guilty of living adventurously. Meeting new people creates anxiety but for some unknown reason it rarely causes me to back away from being cordial. He decided that 13 virtues were either necessary or desirable, arranged them so that the first acquired could help in assimilating the second, and so on: 1.

I wished to live without committing any fault at any time; I would conquer all that either natural inclination, custom, or company might lead me into. After developing my process, some twenty years ago after reading his autobiography for the fourth time, I diligently measured progress daily for several years.

The thirteen moral virtues of benjamin franklin for living a righteous life

Understanding the goals, aspirations, desires and needs of others, then responding to them, not only advances the well-being of the recipient, it is the ultimate business strategy and self-serving act. While I took a more cerebral approach to service, Diane was more practical; down in the trenches. There is value in neatness. Being aware of your actions when it comes to sex and the perception that it carries is as important as ever. I weep at the pain we suffer and inflict on others. Franklin was ambitious and had many interests. He believes that he can make himself perfect.

To live adventurously is a declaration I made to my wife when I became fifty. All attributes to which I have aspired. This was as much relevant to his mastery of the virtues as the rest of his life.

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Drink not to Elevation.

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Benjamin Franklin on Living a Virtuous Life