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Out of total respondents Among those who shared the events of DVAW majority of them No of daughter….

the violence against women in nepalese society

The cultural, socaial rules and regultion is barrier for development of the women, not only male famale also come to the ground of DVAW to violate the weak women. Life skilled based education and training should be given to make them self-dependent in local level.

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More than three-quarters Additionally, it comprises multi-ethnic groups including indigenous people popularly known as Hayu. Campbell, JC. Survey No of respondents:………. Methods Community based cross sectional study was conducted among married women of reproductive age group of Kusheshwor, Sindhuli, Nepal. Your contribution could be highly appreciated and information collected in this questionnaire could be kept confidential and used only for academic purpose. Despite the increasing number of studies being conducted on violence against young married women elsewhere, this subject has received little attention from researchers and policy makers in Nepal. Insulted her or made her feel bad about herself. No of son….. Received Jun 21; Accepted Mar R and Rana, P, S. Due to the high immigration rate and less job oppoptunities with a very high in Chitwan district, majority of the respondents were jobless and accept their occupation as agriclture 41 40 10 8 5 Ag r i c u l tu re Hous e hold S e r vic e s B us ines s Labor s Figure 4. Ward No of respondents:……………..

Golding J. Least of them viewed forced pregnancy 5physical attack 7 and sexual Harassment 8 as violence. Ellsberg M. Nuclear 3.

Domestic violence in nepal 2018

The obtained value was calculated after pretesting with the sample of The context of gender based violence GBV , driven by social, cultural, religious, and gender norms, is compounded by years of political conflict resulting the risk increment of violence [ 11 ]. Higher number of the respondents of the survey site It is unseen but deeply rooted as being great social cancer day to day. However in Nepalese society there lie a great disparity between the social and economic status of men and women. More than three-quarters Social stigma 6. Sexual harassment b. Incase of more than one eligible respondent in a sampled household, random selection was made to further the interview process by lottery method. They are victimize and violated both inside and outside the home by their parents, other family members, neighbors and friends.

R and Rana, P, S. Milan Koirala for his valuable guideline to prepare and design this seminar paper in the framed manner.

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Sampling procedure Sampling unit was household and sampling frame was prepared with the name of the head of the household, obtained from the voter list of the Sindhuli VDC profile, B. Most of them accepted the dowry only because of social pressure. When victims of DV were encountered, after interview brochures were circulated in order to aware them about the DV offence and punishment Act AD and minimize such violence in near future. For instance, the latest Demographic and Health Survey reported that only slightly more than half women were literate as compared to four-fifths of men [ 12 ]. B, Prithivi Narayan Campus. Archives of International Medicine, Fiknee F. This paper examines the association between women's status including women's education, women's occupation, inter-spousal communication, women's autonomy and attitude of women towards justification of being hit and VAW among young married women using data from a recently conducted cross-sectional study among four major ethnic groups from rural Nepal. Koss P. Restricts her contact with family.

American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Self Reporting Questionnaire SRQ developed by WHO collaborative study on mental health care was used to assess the mental health status of respondents [ 1721 ]. Thirty five studies from different countries have revealed that one quarter to half of woman report having been physically abused by their present or former partner [ 2 ].

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gender based violence in nepal 2018
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(DOC) A case study of domestic violence against women in Nepal