Thesis statement for juvenile delinquent

Pearson product moment correlation was used in analyzing the relationship between the respondents demographic and socio-economic profile and the factors level of motivation.

First, children and adolescents commit a significant amount of delinquent offenses that result in violent, property, or other forms of victimization. Before juvenile delinquency was established, juveniles were trialed and treated as adults.

Sampling Procedures Total enumeration was used in this study.

how to reduce juvenile delinquency essay

Rural jails had up to 48 hours. Instead, a variety of punishments should be used. If film depictions of delinquency are consonant with delinquent youths' own experience, a powerful interactive effect could occur in which the delinquent, or future delinquent, may be even more desensitized and disinherited to engage in delinquent acts.

Crime prevention is more important than punishment.

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Juvenile Delinquency Research Paper