Under the sea writing activities ks1

commotion in the ocean maths activities

People who help us: health workers EYFS Resources to introduce the many different jobs health workers do to keep us healthy and make us better when we are ill.

Print out a wall chart to follow all the action, find new favourite players, listen to national anthems and practise your French football terms!

Find out how they help us navigate, communicate and keep an eye on our planet. Soon more birds escape. Children can write vivid descriptions, discuss what the dancer is feeling at different parts of the film and write a narrative describing her escape or rescue.

Under the sea writing activities ks1

Includes: videos, activities, quizzes and other revision materials. I like to team this with a physical prop, a rope hanging from the classroom ceiling, the children decide if they should pull it or not and what happens when they pull their rope — children always come up with some very imaginative ideas. Little does he know that a monster is creeping up on him from out of the lake. In this silent animation one man is sailing his ship through the clouds. The little girl floats up into space and down under the sea. The children can retell the story adding in descriptions of their own creatures. Anglo-Saxons KS2 Learn about what written records and archaeological finds can tell us about the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and the people who lived there. Investigate conductors and insulators. Investigate methods for cooking and preparing food, and consider the ecological and economic impact of our food choices. Print out a wall chart to follow all the action, find new favourite players, listen to national anthems and practise your French football terms! He searches the woods and finds it, he begs it to come back but it doesn't. Can pupils spot where the real news ends and the misinformation begins? But now fake news is a big news story itself. Find out about food groups and the Eatwell plate and why keeping a healthy diet gives you energy to run and play. People who help us: firefighters EYFS Resources to introduce the work firefighters do every day as well as teaching some basic fire prevention rules for the home.

These short five to ten-minute activities are ideal as class 'settlers'. Use videos, books and photo galleries to identify, name, describe and compare common animals. When she stops the world around her stops too, leaving her trapped in the tower.

Al his friends and family has a whistle - he sets off on an adventure to find a whistle. Holi KS1 Explore the festival of Holi with these cross-curricular resources. Explore the relationship between nutrition and exercise and learn how to look after your body while maintaining a positive body image and enjoying food with all your senses!

The children can describe the cars crashing and how the little bird is feeling throughout the story. Read about the kings and gods of the era and the legacy that is left to this day. Find out about the day-to-day work of police officers, the vehicles they use and the animals that help them every day.

Under the sea art ks1

Children could write descriptions of what she sees or create their own fantasy narratives about wherever they travel on their own bubble. Use the image, sound and music galleries as inspiration for artwork and literacy activities. The yellow man, the police man, the tiger and the elephants. Discuss internet rules and how to make a strong password. Use videos, books, factfiles and photo galleries to identify, observe and describe common flowers, trees and plants on our plates. When he takes it off and lays it by his bed, this is when the magic begins. Includes resources to help children perform their own role-playing activities. The film ends comically when the young boy hides behind his pillow. We look at how social media allows fake news to spread around the world at the touch of a button - and what the Government and companies like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter are doing to try to stop it. Discover who the Vikings were, why they came and how they impacted life on the British Isles. Describe and compare material properties and conduct scientific investigations. But now fake news is a big news story itself. This film encourages discussion about respecting others and working together.

Recognise simple machines and understand how they can allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.

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