Weimar government and its weaknesses essay

weimar republic essay

The remaining question would now be, so which was the most important? Due to this the benefits bestowed upon each veteran varied depending on the place they called home. For many Germans hyperinflation caused more suffering than the war, which resulted in festering anger and resentfulness. The impracticality of the policy of proportional representation PRwas one particular internal weakness of the Weimar government which led to its eventual loss of support among the people.

It caused major economic issues in Germany such as businesses going bankrupt, workers being laid off, massive increase in unemployment and homelessness.

A liberal constitution was drawn up in American investors hurried to sell their shares, withdrawing money from abroad.

weaknesses of weimar republic

Once again, this is how things get done. The Weimar Constitution drafted in was accounts for the fall of the Republic.

John Locke said that "man being free and equal can not be put under the power of another man without his consent". However, due to the scattered composition of the Reichstag, forming and maintaining coalitions were particularly challenging.

In spring there was one last chance of winning the war before the Americans joined the Allies. The first amendment is one of the most fundamental rights that individuals have.

This led to Germany turning from being a semi-absolutist monarchy, into a Parliamentary republic. It was very dangerous because who decide what is an emergency!. The implementation of the PR led to the proliferation of small parties, which were oftentimes regional, narrow, or one-issue political parties. The Weimar Republic was the era leading up to the Nazi Regime, and obviously ultimately failed. The rise of Hitler can be explained in two ways: the weaknesses of the Weimar Republic and the strengths of the Nazis. France, as the third internationally prominent democracy, was not so optimistic towards the idea of a strong German state even if democratic. The Weimar Republic had many weaknesses and downfalls that may have been significant or may not. Factors such as the Enabling Act of , the Reichstag fire, the use of the SA, and the banning of all opposition contributed to allowing and enabling Hitler to form a one party, Nazi dominated state The Weimar government had trouble pleasing right and left wing parties because, at this time, Germany was very polarised politically. A government was formed under the umbrella of democracy at this time when huge opposition, anger and division were rampant in German society: due to the defeat of WW1. The main trouble came from the communists.

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Weimar Republic Essay